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Posted on 2007-06-22 15:27:00
Tags: health go
Words: 83 pointed me to this awesome Go wiki. Soo much good stuff there. Going through the Beginner Study Section, reading fun proverbs. I like "Black should resign if one player has four corners" (twisted logic!) and "Even a moron connects against a peep". And look at this cute Valentine's Day Problem! I should play go more, at least against the computer.

Went to the doctor today (see previous entries), everything's normal. The little amount of blood in my urine is just idiopathic. Yay!


Comment from djedi:

Hehe. I should play some more go too. It's neat and fun, just too much thinking...although Jonathan got me addicted a bit to this cool grow cube game that's very weird and involved lots of thinking.

Comment from blamantin:

Grow cube game?

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