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Why do people think this :(
If you don't want gay people to get married, fine. Make a law against it, whatever. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THE CONSTITUTION IS FOR

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oh what the hell ALMOST HALF THE SENATORS thought this crap was worthy of an CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT??

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Yep, we didn't have IB. And we still beat you! :)

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Haha, I went to #105! In your face!

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> I think it's supposed to be appealing to people
> who know less about computers than you or I
You're absolutely right, and I think that's the problem with all of them. They're playing off people's fears about computers instead of telling the truth. Almost every ad is deliberately misleading about PCs, but based on a stereotype from the past. If Macs actually have an advantage in any of the areas they mention (and I don't believe they do), it's definitely not as big as the ad makes it seem. I shouldn't really be surprised by misleading advertising, but this just seems worse than most for some reason.

And the Mac guy is cute, I guess, but not my type ;)

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I thought the Mac ads were pretty weak.
HAHA PCS HAVE VIRUSES!!!! Is it 2001? Macs have viruses now, and PCs are pretty well under control.
HEY I GOT A GOOD REVIEW!!! Yeah, for all my hi-tech news I turn to the Wall Street Journal. And of course "the PC" doesn't have a good review, because there's no such thing as "the PC".

Some of the Mac campaigns have been pretty clever, but this one is laughable. It's like they took whatever stereotypes people had about PCs in the 90s and filmed a couple guys talking about them.

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Yeah, that certainly seems wrong. Glad to hear it will be fixed. Is this problem in the language spec, or the implementation? Since it's GPL, is there a difference? ;)

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no u r a sik pastard <3

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Sadly, that will probably make him unelectable. The same people say they support Bush because he's willing to take a stand for what he believes would never vote for Feingold because he did the same thing.

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It's very good. Go find an old copy and enjoy it :) I have yet to see the movie, but it's on my list...

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Is that the one in St Louis, or University of Washington? If it's the latter, let her know I'd be glad to help if she needs anything up here.

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Baker's Joy is even better for baked goods!

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> There's also a long story in Wired about it that
> also mentions NI.
I saw that...I laughed quite a bit when they referred to NI as "a software firm that specializes in user-friendly development tools".

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Ford's been making gay-targeted ads for quite a while. Or rather, Volvo has, and Ford continued it when they bought them.

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