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Did you get Eric Hegwer to make your album? I sort of regret not getting him to do ours, since I still haven't gotten around to making mine, 3.5 years after our wedding.

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Whoa, did you use Eric Hegwer for your wedding photography? He was our photographer too :)

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Oh, warning: their reservation system is aggravatingly inefficient and slow. First, they gave my mother-in law's room to some conference goers. Then, both times I stayed there (once for my wedding, another time for one of their promotions) they took forever making and confirming the reservation. I'm not just talking about 15 minutes. I think it was somewhere between 30-45 minutes. It doesn't really make sense why they take so long, but basically they get a bit of information from you, do a little typing on their computer, chat with each other, disappear inexplicably to the back of the room for a long while, repeat the process...

That said, once you successfully get a reservation, the rooms are nice, and the jacuzzi is splendid as well.

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I think this is a type of spam, if everyone is getting it. Many people I know have been having the same experience as you (including me). At first I thought it was legit, because I bought my car two years ago, but now I know better.

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Yeah, I'd say the more notice you can give people, the better. We had about six months between the engagement and the wedding. It was tight, but we did it :)

BTW, Re: your other post, our wedding was at Vintage Villas, overlooking Lake Travis. It wasn't cheap, but we really liked how the wedding turned out. Our wedding coordinator was awesome.

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Mandola's on 45th at the Triangle Apartments is excellent!

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I get that too sometimes. I haven't been able to find a pattern, although stress may well be it. It is annoying. Don't worry though, my eye is still intact! :)

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Yeah, good interface design is supposed to make things easier on users. Making them do extra legwork doesn't make things easier for them! :P For the scheduled closing date, how about putting today's date and yes? I've had a similar quandary when asked in my grad school apps about my last day at my current job.

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The same thing happened to us. After we got a new router everything was fine.

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Awesome! Congrats on the family support :)

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Congratulations! I'm really happy for you two.

Also, thanks for the useful PSAs :)

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I've made that connection before. He's a sweet guy, and so are you!

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That's funny, Justin's driving back from Maryland tomorrow!

I wish I'd gotten to see more of you guys while you were still in Austin. Good luck in your new home!

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Yeesh, my high school didn't even make it into the top 1200..

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Happy birthday! You're still less than a quarter century old :)

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I liked how confrontational some of the scenes were and how uncomfortable it made me, and I found some of the scenes gripping BUT I was annoyed and insulted that its depiction of Asian people was limited to boat people. As always, it's "black and white, with a little bit of brown," not "black, white, brown, pink, and yellow." Either do what you usually do and leave Asians out of it or include us and actually say something interesting about the issues we face.

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I love your method of using *poof* to free up memory!

Any other interview tips to offer? :)

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Wearing wrist splints to sleep at night have helped me minimize the pain in my hands, so maybe it could help you too. I also use a Kinesis keyboard and type in Dvorak. Anything to avoid surgery! ;)

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Glad your parents made it safely :) Where do you live in Houston? My parents are on the SW side, so hopefully they'll be safe in their house. Your mom's really thoughtful to bring you banana nut bread!

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