time warner not the problem?
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Posted on 2007-10-25 10:49:00
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So after I went and badmouthed Time Warner it looks like our router might be at fault, as three times in the last 24 hours our connection was down, I rebooted just our router, and things then worked. Time for a Fry's trip, hopefully to find a 802.11n-compatible router that will solve all our problems.

Most of my referrer logs these days are fairly straightforward (and I don't pay as much attention), but I saw a good one this morning: pictures of abs on MSN search leads to my Pretty Pictures through Genetic Algorithms (since a few examples there use the "abs" function :-) )

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Comment from bobacita:

The same thing happened to us. After we got a new router everything was fine.

Comment from brittongregory:

Oddly enough, we had a problem with our DSL, as well. AT&T was quite prompt in fixing it, once I was in town long enough to talk to a technician. Replaced router did it for us as well.

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