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crazy webOS app reviews: Marriage Map
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Posted on 2011-08-07 15:36:00
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Marriage Map (the webOS version of my same-sex marriage map) got a 1 star rating this morning, with the comment:

It is a shame that marriage is moving from the way God intended it to be. I pray for the souls of those who are blinded by their belief that same-sex marriage is right.

A few things spring to mind:
- Thanks for the prayers! (not intended sarcastically)
- I'm honestly confused about what would make this person happy. I'll presume that same-sex couples aren't going to be able to marry in this person's church anytime soon, so does he think they shouldn't be able to marry in anyone's church? Or is it just the fact that we're able to get hospital visitation rights and the like?
- I tried pretty hard to make the app "non-partisan", so I feel like he's kinda giving 1 star to reality. Although to be fair, I did make the states closer to allowing blue-greenish and the states that don't allow it reddish. (also, 0 of 3 people find the rating helpful, so yay!) I don't usually rate my own apps, but I made an exception in this case to balance it out a bit.

The webOS developer relations team has stated in the past that they're pretty resistant to deleting reviews/ratings unless they contain spam or profanity, so I'm not going to flag it. I guess it's not so bad, given that it's gotten 252 downloads (not great for a free app, but a decent number) and this is the first bad review that's still there.


Old Spice: awesomeing it up
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Posted on 2010-07-14 13:42:00
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Yesterday, the guy from the Old Spice commercials (first one, second one) spent some time answering questions from Twitter/Facebook/YouTube. He posted a ton on his Twitter feed, and here are some good ones: one, two, three. (she said yes!)

Word is that the guy (Isaiah Mustafa) and the writers read the comments, wrote up quick snippets and filmed a bunch of them in front of a shower. Well done!

(also, this probably goes without saying, but: mmmmmmmmm)


Best World Cup commentating so far
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Posted on 2010-06-15 13:53:00
Tags: soccer
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During the Italy-Paraguay game (paraphrased) - they had just been talking about how excited the Italian players were after winning the 2006 World Cup:
Commentator 1: They were doing some crazy things - some Italian player slept with his young daughter (slight pause) with the trophy in the bed.
Seriously awkward few seconds
Commentator 2: I gotta say that wasn't where I thought you were going with that...


Best story of the World Cup so far
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Posted on 2010-06-11 12:13:00
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The final World Cup roster for each time has to have 23 players, 3 of which are goalkeepers. As the ESPN commentator put it, North Korea tried to "smuggle in" an extra striker by calling him a goalkeeper. (it didn't work)


I'm grown up?
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Posted on 2010-04-03 15:52:00
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I took two showers today (one after doing some yardwork). The college version of me is shaking his head in disbelief!

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Texas politics...
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Posted on 2010-02-13 14:44:00
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Dear marginal candidates for Texas governor:

Please stop saying 9/11 was an inside job. You're making us (the state) look bad! (which, admittedly, is not that hard to do...)



anti-gay monday!
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Posted on 2009-02-23 12:56:00
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- Anti-gay ad in the Salt Lake Tribune - this is good wingnut territory. Takes a quote about "enhanced equal rights" and says that "Gays will have MORE RIGHTS than anyone else". I'll be sure to let you know when that happens, but equal rights would be just fine with me. Also apparently there was a Homosexual Declaration of War in 1987 where the gays want to sodomize your children? News to me.

Also, my word is this an ugly ad! Lots of random BOLDING and capitalization :-)

- Gay Snipers Attack Marriage In West Virginia Campaign Ad (VIDEO) - the gay snipers appear at :58 and it just gets better from there. (foreboding music! whooooo will think of the children?? religious liberty is losing to the gays!)

I certainly don't feel discriminated against on a daily basis, but it's good to remember that just because I'm lucky enough to live in Austin doesn't mean crap like this isn't going on other places.


riddle me this
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Posted on 2009-02-05 08:45:00
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In my dream last night, I was at home for Christmas and kept catching bits of this new movie on TV. It was a sci-fi movie, and the protagonist (and kinda his girlfriend by extension) was being hunted/stalked by this girl from another civilization. They had a recording of the bad girl and kept trying to figure out who it was by analyzing the voice but the voice was fairly incoherent and slurring words, etc.

Anyway, the few times I saw it on TV I always came in in the middle, but then finally I got to watch from the beginning, and it turns out you see the bad girl at the beginning talking to the protagonist. And during her monologue, she's eating paint off the walls! It turns out her civilization was dying because of this custom of eating paint (presumably lead-based paint), and that's why she was slurring her words.

Even in my dream it sounded like a bad movie :-)

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colbert report!
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Posted on 2008-10-08 10:09:00
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(knew I forgot something!)
Last night after the debate, we watched the Colbert Report, which had Nate Silver (the founder of as a guest. The interview part was fine, but the rest of the show was hilarious - Colbert was clearly on crack or something! You can watch it at Hulu.

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Congratulations John McCain!
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Posted on 2008-09-26 11:34:00
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My sincere congratulations to John McCain for winning tonight's debate.


I would like to marry The Daily Show
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Posted on 2008-09-04 10:24:00
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(with thanks to omega697)


probably not worth a whole post
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Posted on 2008-08-09 20:53:00
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I like my new userpic! (taken from here)


Big Bad John
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Music: "Biig Jooohn"
Posted on 2008-06-19 13:46:00
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I'm no fan of John Cornyn (although I do like his government transparency efforts - even cosponsored a bill with Obama!), but this ad of his is being unfairly maligned. Isn't this like the best ad for a Texan ever? Now I'm going to be humming "Biig Jooohn.....Biig Joooooo-oohn" all day!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Abridged Script (via kottke)


vote, etc.
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Posted on 2008-03-04 10:21:00
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vote vote vote caucus

This article from the Wall Street Journal has this delightful diagram of the Texas Two-Step:

Check out the ubiquitous cowboy hats, the cactus outside and the guy waiting outside with his horse. Classic!

This is fairly creepy (move your mouse around)


random WTF
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Posted on 2007-12-05 17:50:00
Tags: programming links
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I don't usually post stuff like this, but this is possibly the best programming WTF ever. Add() reallocates memory each time (although I guess maybe the C# Array class does the doubling thing for you?), and Remove()...ow, my eyes! O(n^2) FTW.

The explanation at the end, of course, seals the deal.


terror alert scale
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Posted on 2006-09-17 23:31:00
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(taken from Boing Boing)

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randomness x 2
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Posted on 2006-02-15 16:49:00
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So on the way back from lunch today, I heard the song "Janie's Got a Gun" on BOB. Good song, so I sung along until I pulled in to NI.

Flash forward to me driving to Robolab. BOB went to commercial, so I switched to 94.7 to the song..."Janie's Got a Gun". I thought "Weird...Aerosmith must be having a concert here soon or something". Still a good song, so I sung along for a bit. Until I noticed the words were in fact "(Dick) Cheney's Got a Gun", apparently sung (very convincingly!) by some Seattle DJ. Heh!

(the guy he shot is doing much better now, thank goodness)

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