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Posted on 2009-02-05 08:45:00
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In my dream last night, I was at home for Christmas and kept catching bits of this new movie on TV. It was a sci-fi movie, and the protagonist (and kinda his girlfriend by extension) was being hunted/stalked by this girl from another civilization. They had a recording of the bad girl and kept trying to figure out who it was by analyzing the voice but the voice was fairly incoherent and slurring words, etc.

Anyway, the few times I saw it on TV I always came in in the middle, but then finally I got to watch from the beginning, and it turns out you see the bad girl at the beginning talking to the protagonist. And during her monologue, she's eating paint off the walls! It turns out her civilization was dying because of this custom of eating paint (presumably lead-based paint), and that's why she was slurring her words.

Even in my dream it sounded like a bad movie :-)

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Comment from djedi:

Hehe, I also had some weird dreams last night. We were at a school, but we weren't supposed to be there...it was like I knew we had already graduated and left. But we were there to fight this evil teacher. Then we escaped out the window and drove off in our Prius...apparently that was our Batmobile...and then there was a car chase and that's all I remember.

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