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Most of the stuff I saw at just made me cackle. It really does seem humorless. I've seen a couple of blogs by women lately talking about being meta-victimized at conferences and it really seems like some of these bloggers are looking to feel victimized and have something to write about.

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This post delivers. The Austin thread on Reddit is full of stuff I learned just by going to SXSW for however many years (ie the roads/rivers thing - helped making running to venues to see bands easy).

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Last response to a Windows Phone post was almost 3 months ago.

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I do hope you're getting paid.

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Yeah, it's funny how the heat can feel good in limited doses, mainly the doses that come from people overreacting.

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3 from Denton. One hot guy a year older than me, and one Hispanic guy who has a huge lipper in one of his Google image search pics.

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I'm 99% that I've used all 4 (only for buying), and have never had a problem. Well, except GCR drags their feet a smidge on mailing the cards.

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There's actually 4 major gift card sites (, Plastic Jungle, Gift Card Rescue, and CardPool) and one new entrant that I'm still checking out, along with one that feels very scammy.

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Dude, it's Windows Phone.

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Dear Lord, that is detailed. What an OCD guy.

How did you enjoy the Sunday update to ?

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All anyone needs in a webcomic is - right?

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meh, it slows me down for a day or two, tops. Got places to be.

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Any chance of sizing it up for the TouchPad?

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The whole dimming thing is bugging me since I upgraded my Pre 3 to 2.2.4. That patch and Muffle System Logging need to get updated post-haste.

And whoever did "Do Not Answer", please come back!

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As much as I wish we played Collins (er, SOWPODS, er, Collins) here in the US, we don't. But for the 2s beginning with A, it doesn't matter. Just don't fall in love with JA or ZO.

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They're even more doomed.

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When you mention the Zune, I so was thinking of some other piece of hardware... PS: glad to hear you're going to keep developing, as I am days away from some new extremely unsupported webOS hardware.

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Damn you, Coldplay. That's the second time you have made me cry. I am such a weepy mess sometimes.

Like I needed an excuse to eat at Chipotle. I need to take back my mayorship...

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Comment on post webOS woes:

It's just to random and retarded. Completely nonsensical.

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I'm hoping that the increased availability of webOS will mean that these sorts of things get drowned out in a larger audience...

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If you have some more direct contact info, I'd appreciate it.

Comment on post webOS developer situation: unacceptable:

Also, I'm kind of use I've gotten email responses on anon posts before, but I could be wrong.

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Was trying to find out a direct point of contact last night, wasn't very successful...

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Work from home doable? I'd love to work for HP/Palm, but I'm dedicated to living in Denton, TX.

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I realized right after posting it that I have to work the Apple job til 10 anyway. :|

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Teach me how to become a filthy rich webOS developer in under an hour and I'll drive down to Addison!

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Insurance rates have not gone up... otherwise I'd still be working at Scanlon Insurance.

Besides, who has a junker with full coverage? And they have to pay the deductible. It's all nonsense.

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Because it's sort of annoying?

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I think 7-10% is optimistic by *at least* a factor of 2.

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Comment on post Public life/private life:

Have you been reading about the whole Kushner honorary degree flap?

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Yeah, but Apple pretty much established their pattern, and there's only one phone (and for the longest time, one carrier). Granted, rumor is this year they're slipping to September, but whatevz.

Remember all the furor over Palm tracking your location? Doesn't all this Apple/Google stuff strike you as funny? I'd mention it on my blog, but nobody remembers the Palm thing from two years ago.

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It's almost like a company founded on the idea of making people wait.

I'm surprised none of my friends have ever said "Love your abuser!" back to me. Then again, it's HPalm, so it gets no attention anyway, so they don't know my troubles.

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*sigh* Why the fuck can't they answer that?

Or "When are you going to make it right? Or at least tell us what that means?"

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One advantage to the Pre: they won't update the NYTimes client, so we get to drink from the firehose for free! :)

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I like that Firefox has been making serious progress on a 64-bit version the last 2 or so weeks. But based on 3.0 and such, I refuse to give up Chrome until the 64-bit version appears.

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That article about the Kindle going free is pretty cool. I just got one two months ago, but I'm excited at the prospect.

Comment on post My email to Sprint re the Veer/Pre3:

What you said, basically.

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I'm willing to wait on a Wifi only tablet. But I need a new phone.

In either case, without a job... problems.

Comment on post things that inspire emotions in me:

New Sprint device or... I don't know what I'll do.

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Yeah, it would be, since I'm limping along with a refurb with audio issues.

The less time I have to wait, the better.

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Please let "next year" = "the same day as Palm's presentation at CES".

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Two problems with Hipmunk:

1) No American flights? As I recall, they were chapest for DFW -> LAS, and I'm headed that way again first weekend of October.

2) Try mucking up the dates you wanted to pick. I figured out how to fix the problem, but it was definitely something that would blow the mind of an enduser.

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Chevy Volt. ha.

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Problem is... there's no phone for us to upgrade to.

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So we joined, mostly to stick it to Dallas. Jerks!

Hey! When you dis Dallas, you dis me, even if I'm Denton proud.

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Yeah, as long as the platform goes forward (and improves), I don't care, though I would prefer that the branding stay the same.

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I had an Ethernet Western Digital for a while... then it died. Overheated due to poor case design - no fan, goofy cooling holes. It was one of those booked shaped ones that was supposed to stand on its side.

After that, I swore them off, and I'm now with a LaCie model that does eSATA, USB, or Firewire. I went with Firewire.

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Gowalla. Ugh.

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Yeah, the whole thing with jailbreaking being a violation of the DMCA sealed my fate.

If Palm hadn't pulled this rabbit out of their hat, I was going Android.

Comment on post link drop:

I think Apple might be turning evil.

Remove "think" and "might" and you're on the right track.

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I have a couple friends on LJ who have Pre(en), maybe I should suggest they download.

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As one of those 44 people, I wanna say I totally appreciate the effort. I think the long tail aspect may provide you with more money over the long run, but I think the decline of LJ is the real problem.

Comment on post Texas politics...:

Sheesh, Farouk Shami. I can't believe he's lasted this long.

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Are we filthy rich yet? I paid for a copy.

Comment on post links for what should be friday:

Yay! Finally an LJ client for the Pre!

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