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happy v-day!
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Posted on 2008-02-14 10:13:00
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Appropriately, the ban on selling sex toys in Texas was overturned (although it doesn't take effect until March). I swear, the laws we pass in this state. I wonder if there's a count somewhere of which state has had the most laws overturned by a federal court?

I think my stomachache yesterday was caused by the large mocha (four shots of espresso!) I had in the morning to try to curb my headache. Then I wasn't hungry for lunch, then I was very hungry for dinner. Anyway, that's all sorted out, and my head is doing significantly better. I slept much better than I thought I would. Hooray!

From this article about Clinton campaigning in Texas:

Delia Guajardo, 63, a retired administrative secretary, was among several in the crowd who said they don't foresee Obama swaying them: "Just the Obama name scares me. It's not a common name."
Seriously? Seriously?? Maybe that's why Kucinich never wins the primary?

Apparently the right way to read binary files in Haskell is to use this BitSyntax library. bitSyn is totally awesome but I wish I knew how it worked - the source is available but it uses some crazy template stuff. (here's an example of parsing a JPEG file with it) I think what I need to do is work on two projects - one in Haskell or O'CaML or whatever crazy language strikes my fancy and another in Python or C++ or something I know better to keep from losing my mind. Maybe I'll give Django another shot!

The writer's strike ended! Clinton and Obama will debate at UT next Thursday! (although good luck finding tickets...)


houses houses houses...I made you out of clay...
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Posted on 2007-12-21 10:22:00
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We went house-hunting again yesterday. The first house we looked at is now our current favorite (which is good, as we heard our previous favorite is already under contract. Stop buying houses, people!), with a nice big kitchen (with an island!) that opens up to a living room which is a little on the small side but could probably fit the TV and computers. Master bedroom is plenty big and the bathrooms are nice. Plus it was built in the 90s and is reasonably priced!

- a bit far from freeways, although the neighborhood it's in is nice (it's off of Duval)
- there's a deck in the backyard which would be nice were it not so rundown, presumably by the current owners' (don't yell at me, there's more than one owner so I'm assuming they both own the dogs) dogs.
- living room is a little small

We have another good possibility that we'll see after the holidays, hopefully.

Now for the important stuff: at work my building has 8 floors and elevators. I work on the 8th floor, so I get plenty of time in said elevators. (fun thing to do: walk in a circle as the elevator is moving and realize that you're tracing out a helix!) Often I have to wait for other people to get off on their stupid less important floors before I get to the top, so I was wondering: let's say it's a given that we have to make two floor stops from 1 to 8. Is it better to have the stops be consecutive or spread out? For the sake of concreteness, let's say one way we stop at floors 2 and 3, and the other way we stop at floors 3 and 6.

I have an idea but I'll cut it: my guess is that, even though the elevator won't get up to full acceleration between floors 2 and 3, the total time spent getting up to top speed will be the same, so it'll be almost exactly the same. Depending on the acceleration versus the height of the floors, it's possible that stopping at floors 2 and 3 will be faster, though. I'll go with almost exactly the same for now.

Anyway, I was going to start taking measurements when I get my new phone, but it looks like the RAZR V3 doesn't have a stopwatch. (can anyone confirm?) That makes me sad. I'll come up with something, though!


everybody's working for last weekend
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Posted on 2006-05-01 09:02:00
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Good weekend! Got a chance to relax some, and as a result I'm declaring myself over the stomach virus I had last week. Not because there are necessarily no effects left, but if I don't declare victory, the virus wins!

Things of note:

I was about to give up on the whole dental site thing since I hadn't heard back from my guy for quite a while. Then out of the blue he emailed me on Friday, and we started working things out, and he's paid me a bit already as we start to make the site go live. So, more work for me, but I got money! My first earned money for programming that isn't my job!

Baltimore is the heroin, trade (meaning prostitution in this context), or syphilis capital of the world. Wow, that's not good!

Using the Google Calendar APIs, I created an event on my Palm calendar. Hooray! I still need to make it delete all events before adding events, and also do repeating/all-day events. The latter requires deciphering a string like


Hmm, actually that doesn't look as bad as I remembered. Good!

I put up new pictures for this quarter - includes pictures of Christi and David's housewarming party, Timmy's baptism and Peter William Gregory.

Also saw Thank You for Smoking, which I was not too excited about but turned out to be very good. It's just satirical enough that you can sort of identify with the main character. I'd recommend it!

Going to try to track down some bugs in the huge code checkin I did Friday...

Oh, the other thing - I tried out for the summer musical on Saturday and got a part! I'm Lance, a kid who's afraid of everything. I think I can do that :-)


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