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Posted on 2005-06-15 08:57:00
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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

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blah blah blah etc.
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Posted on 2005-06-14 15:50:00
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So I'm about to start going into heavy debugging mode, and before I do I wanted to post to LJ. So here I am :-)

Y'all should really check out del.icio.us - I was gonna write why it's so cool, but this article (found on del.icio.us!) does a pretty good job. You can check out my bookmarks there, too.

I'm hosting gamenight tonight, so that should be fun.

Just had a meeting that I ran that went really well, which is always a nice pick-me-up. Now if I could just figure out what the heck is going on in this code...

Going to pick up destroyerj from the airport soonish. Flights from Houston to Austin are funny - he'll be leaving Houston around the same time I leave here to pick him up :-)

ASMC rehearsal went pretty well, as djedi mentioned. Hopefully they'll rehearse my scene Thursday...


disney world pictures!
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Posted on 2005-06-10 23:33:00
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So, first things first, I put the Disney World pictures up - check them out! Good to take care of that...

Poor djedi's laptop hard drive died today (at first I felt really bad because I thought my upgrading of iTunes had caused his computer to go nuts, but it turns out it was just a hardware problem...), so we went to Fry's and got a new one, and we're almost done with installing various bits of stuff. Anyway, so I'm gonna backup my stuff now, and y'all should too! Hard drives die all the freakin' time, it seems.

Work was pretty good today - I'm back working on more familiar ground, and it's a nice feeling...

Tomorrow djedi and I are going to the Pride Festival downtown, and then we and wildrice13 are going to see the Homestar Runner Live show (warning: annoying quicktime movie or something embedded there) at the Alamo Drafthouse, which rocks, if I haven't mentioned it lately. I think that might have been a run-on sentence, but it's hard to tell with all the HTML bits. Time will tell!


-verb agreement
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Posted on 2005-06-09 09:47:00
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Howdy all! I think I'm finally caught up on sleep from the trip and stuff, which is nice. Work is going decently, although it's definitely frustrating at times (i.e. right now).

Rick Perry - "Texans have made a decision about marriage and if there is some other state that has a more lenient view than Texas then maybe that's a better place for them to live" (via Andrew Sullivan). Ugh. This just in: apparently Perry was talking about gay war veterans (thanks to Andrew Sullivan). That's freakin unbelievable. Kinky for Governor!

Neat stuff done with Google Maps. One of the neat things is a script that generates a satellite image that can be any size. I might play around and make it a background at work. Good stuff :-)

If you search for pictures of sinkholes on Yahoo, an image of mine comes up fourth. Neat!


last days of trip
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Posted on 2005-06-06 20:29:00
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Wow, nice to be typing on a real computer again! Neat.

So, we got up early Saturday morning to head to the Magic Kingdom. We got to the park just about as it opened (9AM), and immediately headed to Tomorrowland and rode Space Mountain (there was like no wait!). It was pretty good - I had been in Disneyland, but this seemed more intense (and I later found out that it has been redone somewhat recently). After that we checked out "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin", which was less of a ride and more of a moving shooting gallery - there were two people to a car and you had a laser gun to shoot targets. And you can spin your car around, which is always neat. Then we did "Stitch's Great Escape" which had us sitting in a theater while various things were done to us (spraying water and foul-smelling something), and rode the tea cups.

We then rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain (although I passed on that one), then went to the Hall of Presidents. Animatronic people are creepy, and nothing was more creepy than the animatronic George W. Bush talking about freedom and equality (and listing a bunch of non-discrimination things for gender, race, etc., while obviously not listing sexual orientation...) - you could cut the irony with a knife. Did the Haunted Mansion, then had lunch (BBQ pork sandwich - mmm!), then rode "it's a small world" (which has also been redone), which did not drive me crazy. Did Pirates of the Caribbean and walked through the Swiss Family Tree House, David got a nice looking necklace (picture to come!) and then we were about done for the day. Headed back to the hotel (we were pretty exhausted by this point), relaxed for a bit, then went out to IHOP for dinner (someone was craving waffles or something), then we went back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks show. The show was very impressive - there was a voice-over by Jiminy Cricket that had lots of Disney soundtrack music in the background, and a fair number of the fireworks were synchronized with either the music or the talking. I got some pictures of these too :-)

After that, back to the hotel for packing, then to bed! For we got up at 5:30 Sunday morning, and left the hotel parking lot at 6:11 - 4 minutes ahead of schedule! (woohoo!) Due to the fact that we were up very early and the timechange, we had lunch at 10:30 local time, which was kinda weird. Anyway, drive drive drive drive drive, and we arrived in Houston (at abstractseaweed's place) just after 11 PM, exhausted. We got up this morning at 6:30 or something and drove back to Austin, and I took a nap, had lunch, and went in to work.

All told (from Austin back to Austin), we went just under 2500 miles on the trip. I haven't crunched the numbers yet, but I think we averaged around 45 MPG for the trip.

Sorry that was kinda dry - I have some more substantial thoughts about the trip and stuff that I'll post tomorrow, probably.



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Posted on 2005-06-06 14:35:00
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I'm officially back in Austin! (and back at work...) I'll post a real update later, but we all made it home safely. Lots of driving though...


no park day! stuff! trogdor!
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Posted on 2005-06-04 00:00:00
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No parks today! For the morning, see previous post.

After posting, we went out to lunch at Johnny Rocket's (50s-style place...decent hamburgers) (and djedi wanted me to add that he had a really great Oreo shake, and got to pick a Sonny and Cher song to listen to. So, there...and now he's gone :-) ), then over to the Sheraton (the host hotel for Gay Days) for the expo and pool party. By then it had started to rain again.

The expo was kinda neat - we looked around at various jewelry places and stuff like that, although there were a fair number of places for vacations and cruises and stuff (presumably because gays have, on the whole, more disposable income because they tend to not have kids) which we weren't really interested in. The hotel, by the way, was like Gay Central Station, or perhaps Gay Central Park. Gays and lesbians as far as the eye could see and whatnot. It was pretty neat to see :-)

After that we went over to the pool party, which had just kinda started for real because the rain stopped. So we hung around the edge of the pool, and eventually got in and people-watched for a while and stuff. Then, it started to sprinkle. Then, it started to rain. Then, it stopped raining, then sprinkled and rained hard. This didn't seem to bother other people, but being rained on while in a swimming pool is pretty unpleasant for me for some reason (I have a hangup about getting wet or something). Then, I saw some distant lightning, and it rained harder, so we finally decided to leave (many people were leaving by this point). Made our way back to the car (very hard to find parking) and I was soaking wet, then had to drive back to the hotel. Ugh!

Then we showered (ahh!), played a few hands of Rage, got dinner at Subway and went to see the comedy show "The Naked Guy". It was...interesting. I enjoyed it at first, but the style of the show was very Golden Girls (says David), and they took a lot of shots at celebrities to get a cheap laugh (or so it seemed to me). the plot was pretty predictable and so were a lot of the jokes by the end. But, it was still neat to see (and go back to Gay Central Station). Afterwards we came back here, played a quick game and are about to go to bed.

So tomorrow's the Magic Kingdom, and it's going to be crazy busy between usual Saturday traffic and the Gay Days stuff. But it should be fun. Unfortunately, we're leaving early early (well, 6AMish) the next day to drive back to Houston, so this has two consequences:

1) We're going to be tiiiired!
2) No LJ post until I get back, Monday at the very earliest.

I guess that's it. I had fun, but as usual at the end of a vacation I'll be glad to get back to my "normal life" and see people and stuff.

I'm not very good at winding down long posts.

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Animal Kingdom/Pleasure Island recap
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Posted on 2005-06-03 11:55:00
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So, Thursday was the day for Animal Kingdom (which none of us had been to) and Pleasure Island. But first, Animal Kingdom!

We got out the door pretty on time, and made our way via shuttle to the Animal Kingdom. We spent the first bit of time in Africa, walking through a kinda nature trail with animal exhibits - saw gorillas, pelicans, and all sorts of good stuff (and I got some good pictures!) The other main thing to do in Africa was a safari, which was a ride that took us through a big savannah and stuff (driven by a cast member on the open road) - got los more good pictures there. After that, lunchtime! (mmm, I'm hungry now) So we ate at the Rainforest Cafe, which had a neat ambience, but the food was just OK, and gave my stomach problems later. *shrug* We then explored Asia and saw a few random things (a bird show), then left on the earlyish side.

I don't like zoos as a rule (although a show on the Disney Information Channel we saw a few days ago declared that the Animal Kingdom was "Nahtazu"...ha ha ha), but this wasn't bad. I didn't enjoy it as much as the other parks, but I did enjoy it more than I expected. Although it was a lot of walking, and we were pretty tired by this point.

So we came back to the hotel, relaxed for a bit, then went over to Seasons 52 for dinner. Still good, although the menu hadn't changed as much as I had kinda thought it would. Anyway, after that we went to Downtown Disney, spent a little time there and then headed to Pleasure Island.

Pleasure Island, if you've never heard of it (me!), is an "adult" part of Downtown Disney that has clubs, outdoor music, and things like that. Thursday night was the official Gay Days night at Pleasure Island, and boy could you tell! (we saw some gay couples/people at Animal Kingdom, but nothing compared to this) The official club of Gay Days had a huge line in front of it (and they got filled to capacity pretty quickly, so we didn't get in), and there were lots of clearly gay men in line (and occasionally lesbians, too, but that's harder to tell because it's more socially acceptable for straight girls to hang on each other, be touchy-feely, etc. than it is for guys). Even outside they were playing lots of "gay music" ("I Will Survive", "I'm Coming Out", things by Cher, theme to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", etc.). So wildrice13 had been to the comedy club before and said it was pretty good, but we just missed a showing, so we wandered around for a while waiting for the 10:30 show. By the time we left the club we were in to get in line, Gay Days people were starting to come in and whatnot (since no one could get in to the official club). The comedy show was pretty good (it was an improv show, which are always interesting), and one of the performers clearly knew it was Gay Days and kept making jokes/innuendos, etc. to great applause from the audience :-) After that we went back to the club we had been in, and it was quite full, lots of gays and straights dancing, which was a pretty neat sight to see. djedi and I danced for a little while, then went home a little early (well, by that I mean 1 AM) because we were really exhausted.

This morning djedi and I got up (the others stayed out later and so slept in) and got to play a round of golf at Pirate's Cove (like we had tried to do Wednesday) befor it started sprinkling and stuff, like it's doing now. It's supposed to rain in the afternoon, but we'll see. There are some Gay Days related activities we're gonna do this afternoon (pool party, comedy show, some sort of expo), so we'll see how that goes.


off-day recap
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Posted on 2005-06-02 01:19:00
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Howdy all! It's late and I'm tired, so here's a quick recap!

So we got going a bit later than we wanted to this morning, and after some false starts (why why why don't all interstates have feeders??? why?) we made it to Pirate's Cove minigolf, when the rain that had been falling since we left picked up and we decided minigolf was not going to work today. Perhaps on Friday. So we went to our backup plan and went to the Morse Museum, which had some really neat and amazing glass works of Louis Comfort Tiffany (and a few other artists) - there were paintings of his too, but the glass works were the really impressive part. Before that, we stopped at a cafe and had lunch, and I was good and didn't have an enormous cookie that looked really really good (by this point, it had about stopped raining)

After that, we went to WonderWorks, which is...well, it's a little hard to describe. It has a lot of fun and educational things for kids to do, and most of the fun stuff was fun for us, too! We experienced winds that approached hurricane strength (65 mph), made giant bubbles, I landed the Space Shuttle, and stuff like that. And we played a game of Laser Tag at the end, too! We then headed for dinner at Pebbles Island Grill, which was decent but probably not worth the price. Stopped by the room to change and then walked to Downtown Disney (a bunch of shops and stuff that we'll see more of tomorrow) to the far end to see the Cirque du Soleil show "La Nouba". I've never seen a Cirque show before, and it was really amazing (which is good, because the tickets were a bit pricey). Lots of crazy crazy acrobatics, people spinning in wheels, people climbing up walls (done by gaining momentum on trampolines), neato trapeze stuff, guy riding a bicycle on a tightrope upside down...you get the idea. It was a very cool show, and I bought a CD afterwards. Walking back to the hotel, we got some ice cream...mmm...and then did some midnightish swimming.

That wasn't so quick. Anyway, we're going to the Animal Kingdom (another Disney park) tomorrow, followed by dinner at Seasons 52 (hopefully) and then Pleasure Island (which is an island inside Downtown Disney with clubs and bars and stuff) and probably general Downtown Disney stuff, too.

And I saw in the local paper that Deep Throat was revealed today. Read about it! :-)


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Posted on 2005-06-01 10:37:00
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So, recap of yesterday!

So we got up and left approximately on time to go to EPCOT - the hotel has a shuttle that goes there (and MGM) so we took that. Unfortunately, it was overcast and rainy, but it wasn't pouring, and the rain kept the crowds down (a lot) at EPCOT. We did the new "Mission: SPACE" ride, which was fun - we were all members of a flight team (I was the engineer!) and we flew a mission to Mars. <proud>I put the team in hypersleep!</proud> We then did the "Test Track" ride, which is supposed to be like a proving ground for a car (which went outside in the rain, too bad), explored some of the "Innoventions" which were kinds fun to play with (but nothing earth-shattering), and went to the "Ellen's Energy Adventure" show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was pretty neat (the show was moving and we went through a prehistoric landscape with dinosaurs and whatnot) although on the longish side.

We walked through all the countries in the World Showcase, doing the ride and watching the show at Norway, watching a show at China before skipping ahead to Morocco to eat (definitely lunchtime by then). Then retraced our steps, got some fudge in Germany (mmmm!) and eventually meandered over to the UK and David and I got some Twinings Tea. (oh, and both the Norway and China show emphasized that "X's culture is in its people", so don't forget that!) After that we were going to go to MGM studios, and the nice lady in the UK that we bought tea from said that there was a boat ride that went there, so we did that (although it did take longer than the promised ten minutes...)

Hmm. This is a long recap. And this keyboard sucks. And surfing the web without a popup blocker is like the worst thing ever!

Anyway, we made it to MGM studios around 3:30, and immediately got a fastpass to Aerosmith's Rock n' Roller Coaster and waited in line for the Tower of Terror. That was fun, although pretty scary. Good stuff. Anyhow, we then got a fastpass for Star Tours, waited a long time for a Slushee (by this time it had stopped raining, so it was hot, and the crowds were a fair bit heavier) and barely made it into the next show of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Play It!". That was fun - a few people actually were on the hotseat for prizes, and the audience played along to earn points to try to be the next person in the hotseat. The host was no Regis, but she was pretty good, and did a good job handling some "technical difficulties" :-) Afterwards, we did Star Tours, which wasn't as fun as I remembered in seventh grade. Still, good stuff. In the store after that, I overheard the following conversation between two kids:

"Here's Darth Vader (figurine)"
"I wanted Anakin!"
"Anakin is Darth Vader!"

Heh heh. Anyway, then we went back and did the Aerosmith coaster, which was a lot of fun but pretty damn scary. While waiting in line we saw the start of the ride, which involves you starting out with a big acceleration (linear induction, sayeth wildrice13) and going up a hill. Upon seeing that, I thought "Hmm, that looks bad, but I'm sure it isn't as bad as it looks". Well, surprise, surprise, it was that bad! Yikes. But the rest of the ride was fun, and I eventually shook it off. djedi went on this ride (he had skipped Tower of Terror because of his stomach) and he seemed fine with it. Good stuff.

So then Part B of the day begins - we were going to go back to the room to order pizza and get some beer. Anyway, this sucked, and we couldn't find the pizza place, and I went the wrong way on I-4 and then tried to turn around, which had me exit 4 times (4 times!!) before I was on a real road I could turn around on, and by that time I was going the right direction so I just followed the signs back to I-4. Ugh. So we eventually got pizza and beer and made it back here. (Google SMS saved the day again!) Unfortunately, that meant we ate so late djedi had to stay up really late because f his medicine. *sigh*

So, today is a non-park day - we're planning to go mini golfing (at Pirate's Cove), then to Wonder Works (a general fun place with laser tag and stuff), and we have tickets to Cirque du Soleil tonight, which should rock. My hands are really starting to hurt, and we're about to go, so that's all for now!


dinner and rain
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Posted on 2005-05-30 22:07:00
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Just got back from dinner - we went to this really cool place called Seasons 52. It's so named because part of the menu changes weekly (and the rest of the menu changes seasonally - it switches from Spring to Summer tomorrow!) It was reasonably priced and very good (and all main dishes are under 475 calories, which is a neat idea). For dessert they have "Mini Indulgences" which are cheap, very small (fit inside a small glass), and quite good.

Unfortunately it's lightning and thundering pretty heavily right now (although only raining off and on) - hopefully it'll blow over tonight, but I kinda doubt it. We'll see!


at the hotel!!
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Posted on 2005-05-30 18:19:00
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Wow, this freaking rocks! We made it to Orlando (Florida's bigger than I thought, especially the part that we had to go through) and we're in our room now, and this place has free Internet access included through the TV (and this wireless keyboard that's mostly accurate...) Yippee! Very nice hotel (I'd post a link, but I can't open another tab or anything to find it) - very nice and open lobby, and the room has a nice view of...well, something. It's technically on the Disney grounds but our room doesn't face that way. Oh well!

The drive was pretty good today - we took I-10 to I-75 to Florida's turnpike to I-4. I felt the need to say that for some reason. *shrug*

We'll probably chill out in the room for a while (and enjoy not being in a car for a bit!) and then explore the hotel some (there's supposedly an exercise room and game room downstairs somewhere) and grab dinner. We're planning on going to Epcot and MGM Studios tomorrow, although there's a 70% chance of rain irritatingly enough. But that should be fun, regardless. Looking forward to it (and the chance to get some good pictures!)

Oh, and blamantin gets a shoutout for transcribing my last entry - thanks!

Dinner soon, mmm, I'm hungry. Bye now!


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leaving soon!
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Posted on 2005-05-27 16:20:00
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So vacation is almost upon us! (where us=people going on vacation) I'm in a good mood because work went really well today, better than it has in at least a few weeks. And I'm excited about vacation!

For people who can't get enough Homestar Runner, here's a Homestar Runner Wiki I stumbled upon - has all the toons and lots of inside info. Good if you're looking for some time to kill.

CNN:DeLay angered by 'Law & Order' mention - hahaha!

That is all. Have a good Memorial Day weekend, and I'll be back in a week and a few days!

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busy, but almost trip!
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Posted on 2005-05-26 13:30:00
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Hmm. I'm still busy, but I reached a major milestone at work last night, which is good (and I'm very glad I was able to get it done before the trip). I've been stressing out over little stuff too much lately - hopefully I can convince myself to let go a little more. Going on the trip will probably help, but I don't want to be stressed on it either, so I dunno.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the trip. Going to see Hitchhikers again tonight with destroyerj and then pack pack pack!

Oh, and I'm stressed about singing at Chris's wedding. I'm sure it'll go fine, though. It's just been a while since I sang in public.


busy again, so this is short
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Posted on 2005-05-23 09:28:00
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Darn...I had lots of topics to post about on Friday, but things are getting crazy busy here at work, and so I didn't get a chance. Sorry!

The weekend was pretty good - Friday night we celebrated wildrice13's birthday, Saturday we drove up to David's sister's place to celebrate David's nephew's birthday (and my birthday, too, since it's the same as his), and stayed there until Sunday, when we drove back to Austin to celebrate Cory's birthday (and wildrice13's again) and see Star Wars III.

I thought it was pretty good. Anakin's conversion to evil happened a bit too quickly for me, but the reasons were very convincing, and both he and Palpatine did a good job acting, which was a nice change of pace. The scene where Palpatine had all the Jedi killed was quite powerful...

So another busy week - we leave for Disney World on Friday, so I'm frantically trying to get my work stuff mostly done, as well as some trip stuff (although djedi is doing most of that, but I wish I could help out more...). So don't expect to see/hear from me much for a while :-)


<your subject here>
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Posted on 2005-05-18 11:20:00
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<clever introduction here>

Last night, as djedi mentioned, we babysat his two nephews. Wow. Wow! Kids have lots of energy, as it turns out. Wasn't exactly the relaxing night at home that I had thought it was gonna be, but it was fun. Brodie just makes a beeline for things, and more often than not, he ends up pushing buttons or messing up a puzzle or just generally getting into things that he really shouldn't. I played ball with them a lot, which involved lots of juggling balls flying around the apartment. Luckily there were no casualties, and the boys seemed to have fun. Then djedi and quijax and I worked a few crosswords. Some of the answers to the first one (the theme was "TV Dinners") were really bad, like "Cherry Falwell" (which seems cute enough now, but not easy to come up with!)

For all those interested, my iTunes analysis is updated whenever I back up my iTunes database, which these days is quite often so I can see my new favorite bands and whatnot. :-)

It's a coworker's last day today, so we're getting Chipotle and eating at a park, which sounds like a lot of fun!

Going to go on vacation with my family, and so I have to change my Delta tickets. Luckily the customer service is pretty good - called them up and asked a few questions with very little hassle.

wonderjess gave me the soundtrack to Spamalot, which I listened to yesterday. Funny stuff! I highly recommend it.

Also started reading another birthday present, The Wisdom Of Crowds. It's OK so far, but I'm expecting the second half of the book to be better (the second half is case studies). The basic thesis is that given the right characteristics (independence, etc.), a group of people can make a better decision than almost all of its members could individually. Very similar in style to The Tipping Point, which I also liked a lot.

Going to get together with wildrice13 tonight (I think) and do more FFX-2. Good stuff!

I like djedi's penguin icons a lot. Maybe I'll change mine.

Thus ends my series of disconnected thoughts. Peace out!

Oh yeah - forgot to add that I started playing with del.icio.us a bit (you can find my bookmarks here). It's a social bookmarking site that's all the rage these days - the idea is that you bookmark interesting places and tag them, and your bookmarks and tags are visible, and so anyone can search for interesting tags and find your bookmarks. It's cooler than it sounds!


weekend and such
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Posted on 2005-05-16 11:13:00
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The weekend was pretty good - we saw the Art Car Parade and walked to the Village (lots of walking on Saturday - both djedi and I had headaches afterwards :-( ), and celebrated my birthday with my family that night. Kyle and Erin's wedding was really nice, and I'm glad we were able to go. Also, the barbecue and cake were excellent!

destroyerj is hosting gamenight tonight, so that should be fun. Yay, fun!

I got rid of the google ads on my gallery page. No one had clicked on them, and they were kind of an eyesore, and I don't really need ads there or anything, so they're gone (perhaps in a puff of logic...)

I put my iTunes analysis on the web, so you can see my favorite artists and whatnot (silentzero, this is partially for you). Reading it requires a little bit of interpretation (for example, the artist "The New Broadway Cast Recordin" is the "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" soundtrack). Some interesting things I've discovered:

- I like explicit music (music with explicit lyrics, I mean) better than non-explicit (but this is probably due to the small number of explicit tracks I've rated)

- I like a capella music a little better than non-a capella music ("capella music"?) - this one's probably true.

- I need to fix up my tags so they're not truncated.

- I like Journey a lot! Other favorite bands include The Beatles, Linkin Park, Frou Frou, Matchbox 20, Michael Jackson, Evanescence, Savage Garden, etc. Any band with an average rating of 4 or greater is quite good according to me.

Again, I have the scripts to do this, so if anyone's interested in having this sort of analysis done on their music, let me know!

Just fixed a problem at work that had been bothering me - now on to other annoying problems, like making things compile. Grr.

Hope everyone has a nice day!


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Posted on 2005-05-12 10:45:00
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I'm back in the LJing mood, at least for now. I think that's a good thing!

Last night, I put up pictures from the showers last weekend. You may notice the google ads at the top of the page. I put them up on a whim, since it's so easy to sign up for. Just thought I'd see what it was like. I'll probably take them down in a week or so. But it is nice to have a sort of page counter...maybe I should just get a real page counter instead. :-)

wildrice13 came over last night and we watched some TV and then he and djedi played some FFX-2 while quijax alternately read, watched, and then played a few games of DVONN (although only the last one was played with the correct rules - my mistake!). It's a good abstract strategy game, if you like those sorts of things. Which I generally do.

Work's going pretty well, which is neat. I had my last robolab volunteering yesterday, and I had fun. And they gave me a nice card and gift card to Bookpeople, which was really nice. I was kinda hesitant about doing it next year, but now I kinda think I will. Especially that I'll be a little more comfortable with both the lego stuff and dealing with kids. And I could use more experience dealing with kids anyway - I'm really not very good at it.

I did the Set Daily Puzzle in 32 seconds today! I was (and am) a little wired from my morning tea. quijax and djedi and I did a few crossword puzzles yesterday, which was good fun.

And I'm under 3000 songs to rate on my iPod. So, all in all, a good day!


Yes, I'm still around...
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Posted on 2005-05-10 15:01:00
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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted "for real". I guess I've been busy, and at the same time, not much has inspired me to post. *shrug*

djedi talked about our weekend some already, so check it out. The Drafthouse was a lot of fun - apparently they're going to be showing the Wizard of Oz and playing Dark Side of the Moon there (syncing them up). This sounds wicked cool, and it's something I've heard about and always wanted to try. So maybe I'll convince some people to go :-)

Game night at Todd's last night was fun - wildrice13 and quijax (who's staying with us for a while) headed down there with me, and we played a quick game of the Pipe Game, followed by a Star Wars Epic Duel (that was pretty epic...). We capped off the late night with a game of the Big Idea - neither one of them had played before, and the group of people playing (us 3, Todd, and onefishclappin) was a pretty good group. I certainly enjoyed it!

Work is going decently today...kind of a "try something, see if it works (which it probably won't), try to fix it, etc." sort of day. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel at least...maybe even before I leave work.

I'm still a bit tired from last night, but I'm feeling pretty good in general. I've been a little more moody than usual lately - don't know why, really. I'm sure it'll come and go...

Have a nice day!


iTunes and SQL
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Posted on 2005-05-08 15:11:00
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So I'm a geek. My current project is to take my iTunes database (with all of my rated songs and whatnot) and use it to figure out which artists and such I like best. So I wrote a python script to read in the iTunes Music Library.xml that iTunes uses to store its data and put it in an SQL database. Then I did some neat SQL stuff (and learned a bit along the way) to find out which artists had the highest average rating, which genres had the highest rating, etc. The top few bands are Barenaked Ladies, Frou Frou, The Beatles, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Journey, etc.

So I have these scripts, so if anyone is interested I'd be happy to do the same analysis on their .xml file - just send it to me and I'll send you a text file with lots of interesting stuff. :-)

Anyway, it's been a fairly busy week, and I'll post a real update maybe tomorrow sometime...


awesome weekend!
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Posted on 2005-05-02 09:38:00
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Wow, this weekend rocked!

Friday night, djedi and I went out with wildrice13 and abstractseaweed to see the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie at the new Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. It was a rollicking good time - we got a free Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (that wasn't very strong, but still good) while we were waiting in line, and once we got in they were showing scenes from the old BBC TV series. Then a guy came up and djedi won a few towels for being one of the few people in the theater to own all 5 books, the BBC TV series and the original radio broadcasts. I was so proud!

The movie itself was good - I thought it was a pretty good adaptation of the book and radio broadcasts. Some jokes did noticeably fall flat, although some of that was probably because we had seen many of the jokes right before the movie. I would definitely see it again. (oh, and I loved the performance of Slartibartfast!)

After the movie we came back to our place and played a game of Witch Trial, then they left and we went to sleep kinda exhausted.

Saturday morning we got up and headed downtown to do my audition for ASMC. It went decently - the singing was OK (I was too nervous when actually singing), the choreography was pretty bad, but the reading of the script went pretty well. Right afterwards we headed down to Houston for Chris and Lisa's wedding shower.

I've never been to a wedding shower, so I didn't really know what to expect. It was fun, though - food was eaten, games were played, chatting was done. Afterwards we went over to cifarelli's and hung out for a while, ordered pizza, and eventually went to Taurian to get Melody's bellybutton pierced. The rest of the night was just hanging out at home chatting, and going to bed a bit too late again.

Sunday morning was church, lunch, and then Dawn's baby shower. Again, I've never been to a baby shower, but it was pretty fun as well. Right afterwards we left for Austin, and spent the rest of the evening at home, although we did watch the new Family Guy (verdict: pretty good, especially for a first episode).

So I'm still a little tired, but I had a good time and it was neat to see people again. Hooray!


man, i suck at picking these...
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Posted on 2005-04-29 15:08:00
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Man, I'm really frustrated by work all of a sudden. Debugging a moving target can be really horrible. I really want to throw something out the window. That would probably help. But I don't think I will.

Busy weekend ahead - seeing Hitchhiker's Guide tonight with djedi, wildrice13 and abstractseaweed. Tomorrow morning I have auditions for the summer musical, then we drive down to Houston for a wedding shower and a baby shower. Yikes!

I don't think I've ever been to a wedding shower or a baby shower, so I don't know quite what to expect. Should be fun, though, and it will be nice to see people.

For details about my week, just go ahead and read djedi - I really don't have much to add.

Grr! I'll be in a better mood for my next post, whenever that might be.


Quick random update!
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Posted on 2005-04-27 13:17:00
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djedi and I went to a Round Rock Express baseball game last night (we scored some free tickets). It was a lot of fun - the Dell Diamond has a grassy area right behind the outfield fence, so we sat on the grass for a while, then moved into some seats as it got a little chilly. It's a great place to see a baseball game - very relaxed environment, etc.

(thanks to wildrice13)

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Atlanta

65% Honolulu

55% Austin

55% Las Vegas

55% Philadelphia

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

Atlanta is a bunch of crap, but Honolulu's cool! And Philadelphia would be neat, too. Las Vegas...well, I dunno about living there, but I'd like to visit! I really liked Alberquerque when we visited it on ACTS Tour, but oh well.

Some info about the next Zelda - looks like good stuff.

Dr. Smalley gets money from NASA - good to see Rice getting some good press.

"God doesn't take sides" - good article in Salon.

I guess I'm all linked out. Work's going pretty well, which is always nice.


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