busy again, so this is short
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Posted on 2005-05-23 09:28:00
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Darn...I had lots of topics to post about on Friday, but things are getting crazy busy here at work, and so I didn't get a chance. Sorry!

The weekend was pretty good - Friday night we celebrated wildrice13's birthday, Saturday we drove up to David's sister's place to celebrate David's nephew's birthday (and my birthday, too, since it's the same as his), and stayed there until Sunday, when we drove back to Austin to celebrate Cory's birthday (and wildrice13's again) and see Star Wars III.

I thought it was pretty good. Anakin's conversion to evil happened a bit too quickly for me, but the reasons were very convincing, and both he and Palpatine did a good job acting, which was a nice change of pace. The scene where Palpatine had all the Jedi killed was quite powerful...

So another busy week - we leave for Disney World on Friday, so I'm frantically trying to get my work stuff mostly done, as well as some trip stuff (although djedi is doing most of that, but I wish I could help out more...). So don't expect to see/hear from me much for a while :-)

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