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Windows Phone Ambassador program is no more
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Posted on 2014-08-26 22:41:00
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In case you missed the news, the (formerly) Nokia Developer Ambassador program is ending at the end of August.

I'll still be involved in the community (like the Austin Windows Developers!), and I'll still be working on my Windows Phone apps and writing articles for developers. I won't have my email address anymore, but feel free to contact me at I will continue to send out monthly-or-so emails about Windows/Windows Phone development - sign up here if you're interested!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but I had a great almost 2 years with the program, and I really enjoyed getting to help developers out. Thanks as always to Rich Dunbar and all the other people at Nokia and Microsoft that made the program possible! (special shoutouts to my fellow ambassadors: what happens in Vegas...)

And lastly, thanks to all the developers I had the pleasure of working with. Y'all are what made the job worth doing :-)

PS I'm still bullish on Windows Phone long-term...this was sad, but it hurts way less than webOS!


A little down about Windows Phone 7
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Posted on 2012-04-18 22:49:00
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Been a little bummed out recently. Here's why:

- My brand new Lumia 900, while generally a pretty awesome phone, has a hardware problem that makes it shut off ~5 times a day. (and then it won't turn on for a few minutes) Hopefully I'll be able to exchange it tomorrow, but in the meantime it's been very irritating.

- FlightPredictor is not selling well, to put it mildly. Despite getting three 5 star reviews (yay!), being reviewed by wpcentral and AAWP, and being featured by AppDeals, so far it's sold a grand total of 14 copies over more than 3 weeks. And some of those were at a discount of 99 cents! Granted, over 100 trials have been downloaded, and it's possible those will convert to paid copies at some point since you get 6 flights for free, but I'm not holding my breath.

So, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe $2.99 is too expensive? Maybe I just need to get the word out more. (i.e. spam Twitter :-) ) I've submitted FlightPredictor to a few promotional things, so we'll see if Microsoft or Nokia bite. (attention Microsoft and Nokia: it's a good app!)

- After being unsure last time, I started work on a Goodreads client and made a bit of progress until the developer of the original app (Bookly) said he was bringing it back. I don't have any unique ideas to add to a client, so I put it on hold while I wait to check out the app. I'm guessing I won't work on it again.

So now I'm working on a financial calculator-type app. (thanks for the idea, brittongregory!) Meanwhile I'm considering playing around with Windows 8 and porting FlightPredictor to it.


FlightPredictor for Android sales: not good. Maybe Amazon App Store?
Mood: disappointed
Posted on 2011-11-23 14:54:00
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I released FlightPredictor for Android on Saturday. Since then, I have sold a grand total of...6 copies. (although it did get a 5-star review!) This is *ahem* a bit disappointing, and I've been considering some options.

- Marketing: the Android market is such a big place I'm sure it's easy for apps to get lost. Android users: where do you go to hear about cool new apps?

- Free version: I've heard that Android users are much less likely to pay for apps than those on other platforms. Maybe I should make a free version that has ads. I'm not a huge fan of in-app ads, though, and I can't imagine they'd make that much money. Plus, that's potentially a bunch more users to support. And other flight-tracking apps aren't free...

- Amazon Market: I'm also deciding whether or not to submit to the Amazon App Store. The terms are not favorable to developers, as Amazon can set your app to be any price they want. (hopefully not less than 99 cents?) But it's the only way to get on the Kindle Fire, and while I didn't optimize FlightPredictor for that big a screen, a beta tester used it on a 7" tablet and said it worked fine.

Maybe part of the problem is neither Google nor Amazon care that much about app sales?

Anyway, I'm more than open to suggestions.


Torchwood: is it sci-fi?
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Posted on 2011-08-03 22:15:00
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We're fans of the new Doctor Who, so now that we're finally caught up, we thought we'd try Torchwood. After six episodes I'm very much not impressed.

What I like most about Doctor Who is the way it sets up interesting situations in different cultures in a way that good sci-fi writing is best at. But so far Torchwood has basically seemed like a standard action show with slightly more interesting characters and scenery.

So, those of you who have watched Torchwood - does it get better? Am I totally off-base?


Mood: disappointed
Posted on 2006-10-17 08:41:00
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So my new netflix entry finished overnight and I submitted it. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to use their format checker, and there was a problem (it predicted a rating greater than 5), so I fixed that in my prediction program and am rerunning it now. This means I can't submit again for another week, which is disappointing. Maybe I'll make some more progress with user-based correlation by then...

On the other hand, I lost 1.6 pounds this week!

On the way in this morning, WAMU (our local NPR station) was doing a fund drive and they had Diane Rehm (who does a local show) talking about stuff. She's old and her voice is kinda slow and irritates the heck out of me. I eventually had to change the station. Kojo Nnamdi (isn't that a great name?) is another guy who does a DC politics show, which is always interesting, but more importantly his voice makes me calm and happy. He sorta sounds like Morgan Freeman...

Also, apparently North Korea is taking the UN sanctions as a "declaration of war" which is both ridiculous and seems like really bad news.


oh well
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Posted on 2006-06-22 11:32:00
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So the US's run is over with a 2-1 loss to Ghana. They played decently and had some good chances in the second half, so it wasn't horrible. The sad part is that Italy beat the Czech's, so if the US had won they would have advanced. Now Ghana gets the opportunity to play Brazil :-)

Also, since I have sound working on my computer again, I've been playing a lot more Civilization IV. Goood stuff. I love this game! The English empire will rule the world soon enough...

djedi and I are gone this weekend apartment hunting. Exciting!


math problem not so interesting
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Posted on 2006-02-28 08:51:00
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I mentioned an interesting math problem last entry -

OK, I lied, it's not too exciting. I implemented the interquartile range method first (because it was easier than calculating the standard deviation) and ran it on a set of markers. It found a lot of markers that were in the correct city, but were definitely outliers from a statistics perspective. These markers are all dental clinics (more or less), and it turns out they're not evenly distributed throughout a city. So I kept the interquartile range method but added a test to only reject it if the distance from the median point was more than .25 latitude or longitude. This got rid of the false positives (and kept something that indeed wasn't categorized correctly!), so that's what I'm using. The sad part is that I'm pretty sure that that would give the same result if I just did that test and not the interquartile range, but I don't have the heart to test that. So, not so interesting problem after all, but at least it's presumably solved.

I'm definitely making more progress on this side project, and hopefully I'll work on it tonight a bit and maybe be "done" for now ("done" because it's never done, stuff keeps getting added, which I'm going to have to deal with at some point. ugh...) On the plus side, I'm writing a lot of stuff that can at least be theoretically reused for some other project. *shrug*

Here's a good article about lobbying to get your industry millions. Ugh. Hopefully the fact that the article was written will shed some light on the system. I am proud, however, that my former congressman Lloyd Doggett was mentioned as trying to end the offending credit. Good for him!

Some indie rockers are refusing to license their songs for Hummer commercials, turning down big money in the process. Good for them!

Wow, this is turning into Link Tuesday. One more: here are the local commercials that Rudy's aired during the Super Bowl. Good stuff!


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