Torchwood: is it sci-fi?
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Posted on 2011-08-03 22:15:00
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We're fans of the new Doctor Who, so now that we're finally caught up, we thought we'd try Torchwood. After six episodes I'm very much not impressed.

What I like most about Doctor Who is the way it sets up interesting situations in different cultures in a way that good sci-fi writing is best at. But so far Torchwood has basically seemed like a standard action show with slightly more interesting characters and scenery.

So, those of you who have watched Torchwood - does it get better? Am I totally off-base?


Comment from pegamoose_g:

You must see Torchwood's mini-season "Children of Earth". Thost five episodes are an amazing piece of work, and some of the best drama I've seen on TV. I still get chills thinking about it. As for the first couple of seasons, I remember them being hit or miss. The second season gets better, because they really seem to explore the characters better and put them in some intense situations. I'm annoyed that the current season is on Starz, and not on BBC-America, because I'd really like to watch it (eventually) without having to pay the premium prices for Starz.

Comment from kernelm:

TW season 1 is definitely a mess. The characterization is all over the place and hardly anybody is even likeable. Season 2 is a lot better and actually enjoyable.

Then there's Season 3, the CoE mini. Everybody else loved it, but I hated it. Character assassinations left and right, inane logic leaps, etc. Technically well made, but ugh. Obviously YMMV.

Haven't watched any of the new series yet. Not sure I want to, honestly. RTD has done so many amazing things, but seems to always manage to fuck it up. (See also: the beatification of Rose.)

Comment from anonymous:

Yeah, I agree. I'm annoyed that Jack's always right, because in Doctor Who he was kind of silly and fun and not always right. I'm annoyed by people in shows that are always right. Also, the first season especially, they're all "OMG we're on late and we can show SEX and DRUGS and SEX and WHOA WE CAN HAVE AN ALIEN WHO'S ALL ABOUT JUST SEX. OR THREE. we're awesome!" And it's like, really?

Children of Earth was better, though more in the moment than thinking about it afterwards. Plot holes...yeah, giant ones. And I'm not usually bothered by that. But even while I was watching it with some people there was one part where I was just, ok, what exactly was your plan here?

I've only watched one episode of the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures (or something like that -- maybe chronicles?) and it was cute, and I've heard the rest of the series is a lot of fun. It's aimed at younger kids, but it's supposed to be worth watching.

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