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You must see Torchwood's mini-season "Children of Earth". Thost five episodes are an amazing piece of work, and some of the best drama I've seen on TV. I still get chills thinking about it. As for the first couple of seasons, I remember them being hit or miss. The second season gets better, because they really seem to explore the characters better and put them in some intense situations. I'm annoyed that the current season is on Starz, and not on BBC-America, because I'd really like to watch it (eventually) without having to pay the premium prices for Starz.

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Before reading the article about the canceled shows, I guessed a majority of them were from FOX. Looks like I was right. FOX has typically been quick on the trigger to off some good shows. Julie and I are currently hooked on "Dead Like Me" (Showtime, not FOX), and we have the DVDs for both seasons Netflixed. I would also add "Wonderfalls" (another, clever short-lived FOX show) and "Cupid" (a short-lived ABC show with the best, wittiest dialog I've ever heard).

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I'm still trying to figure out why ripping out chest hair is considered "something manly"? It's something, alright. But, manly?

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this year's SB commercials.

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I read this quote on Wil Wheaton's blog the other day:

"Is stopping two people who love each other from getting married really more important than feeding and clothing a family who need help, especially during Winter? What would Jesus do?"

The rest of the post was about how (dis)organized religions have shifted from "love thy neighbor" and forgiveness to condemning anyone who doesn't think like you.

As for the global warming thing... I was talking with someone at NI about this topic. It was their opinion that global warming is all blown out of proportion. He said the Earth goes through warming and cooling trends, cause if there were ice ages, there is just as much of a chance to have a heat age. Then, he went on to talk about freon causing damage to the ozone is impossible, because freon is heavier than air. Not to mention the people releasing the original report about the environment being harmed by freon is the same company that released the next generation of coolants (DuPont, I think). And, that every other report on global warming is based on that original report. Then, he mentioned the hole in the ozone being damaged by the change in the Earth's polarity, which happens about every 10,000 years or so. This had something to do with the solar rays damaging the weakened the ionic field, or something. Anyway... He went on and on. And, without providing scientific evidence, it did sound interesting. But, you can't tell me there is no global warming when I'm breaking into a sweat while Christmas shopping in shorts and sandals.

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I think that plaque for Francis Scott Key is a little misleading. If I remember my history correctly, Mr. Key wrote the poem while aboard a ship anchored in the harbor. He could see the flag at Fort McHenry as it was bombarded. At least, that's what I remember from my history classes... And, NBC's Treasure Hunters.

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I think homosexuals are also responsible for blocking my view of the TV, the hole in the ozone, and taking the last blueberry muffin. Or, was that Native Americans? Oh well. It doesn't matter. As long as it follows their fantastic leaps in logic. I might as well blame Afro-Americans for breaking the burnt-sienna crayon, Jewish people for losing the key to the garage door, and people who dye their hair unnatural colors, like electric blue, for traffic congestion in Austin.

I'm curious to know what the "highlighted specific cases and stories" are. Why do I picture the witch burning scene of "Holy Grail" ("He turned me into a newt, so I couldn't attend church on Sunday.")

I think religion and politics threaten this person's liberties to live in peace.

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