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The only thing I understood about that XKCD was the Petit Prince reference in the snake version. (Which was the only one I ever saw, at home and work.)

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Get your pencil ready! For the ASO concerts, David gives a LOT of markings. Marcato on just about everything, mostly for enunciation. And crescendi and diminuendi pairs written out for messa di voce. It's easier on the raw beginners for him to be explicit, but I think you're experienced enough to take it all as given.

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If you'd like, I can lend you my Messiah score (with Stevens/ASO markings) the next time you're in Houston. Although since the markings are on the alto part, maybe you'd be better off buying your own. I highly recommend that you have Kinko's cut off the binding and rebind it with a black cover and a spiral spine.

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Whoops! Didn't mean for that to be anonymous.

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Between Foursquare and Gowalla, no less! Congrats!

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Ooh, do you have any Wave invites?

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And if after a week the pain hasn't stopped, it may be that your bite needs a minor adjustment. It's normal, and the dentist should do that for free.

I had five filings over two days. The left side didn't hurt at all, but the right side did. The hot/cold sensitivity was the worst. A week after the adjustment, everything was fine.

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LOL! Just enough truth…

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I always blamed my noisy weight data on being female. I guess this invalidates THAT theory! It's interesting to see that I'm not the only one who charts my weight and includes rolling averages and trendlines…

Although lately I've been using the bodybugg website to track my progress, and it wisely prohibits you from entering weight more than once a week. Body fat percentage is allowed only every other week.

I'm down over 30 lbs since November, with a goal of another 18 lbs by May. Today's weigh-in was a joyous one, since I'm finally off a four-week plateau.

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Bach is demanding in a great way, and David's a good voice coach and great to work with.

If that doesn't pan out, you could try the evening compline choir at St David's. We don't do major works, but we do an enormous repertory of early music and chant.

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The Durufle Requiem is my favoritest! I especially love the In Paradisum soprano solo.

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I second the endorsements of FitDay and the new Weight Watchers Online. I used the former to lose 15 lbs and my parents have used the latter since March to lose over 100 lbs between the two of them.

FitDay in particular does a really good job tracking vitamins and nutrients via its food diary, and the activity list is thorough. And your familiarity with Weight Watchers would make it easier to jump back into that.

But my current obsession is the bodybugg. George's brother and sister-in-law turned me on to this over the new year. It's a somewhat pricey body monitor, but I love it. I have no trouble keeping a food diary and tracking calories consumed, but until now, I could only guess at calories burned. My metabolism is demonstrably slower than the typical calculator will assume. The bodybugg measures my personal activity, even the inane stuff like housekeeping, and gives me a more confident assessment of my progress.

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I'll gladly use $1 coins when Coke machines accept them. I hate those stupid bill reader things.

As it is, I don't carry much cash, period, so I don't care if it's as paper or coin. Yay for cheaper, more sustainable cash!

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The Post had better comics, which is what I really cared about at that age. Although the Chron had Calvin and Hobbes.

The best was the year or so after the buyout when the Chron ran all the comics of the two papers combined — four pages of it on a weekday — until the syndication contracts began to expire.

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