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happy election day!
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Posted on 2008-11-04 09:39:00
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and one last time, VOTE! Even if you're not in a battleground state, there are downticket races that matter, and the popular vote margin matters, and you'll feel good about yourself.

I should have taken today off and worked for Obama or Larry Joe or someone. Oh well. Maybe next go-round...

Nate's top 10 reasons exit polls are useless

I really think Obama's gonna win and we'll look back on this as an historic election, unlike the disappointing 2004. For a look back in catchphrase form, there's This. Fucking. Election. I barely remember some of this stuff - it was so long ago!

Finally, here's Big Bad John (who will probably win today) one last time:

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President-elect Barack Obama
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Posted on 2008-11-04 22:15:00
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He took Ohio AND Florida. Well deserved. I'm so happy!


still up watching results
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Posted on 2008-11-04 23:57:00
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Obama already has 338 electoral votes and he could very well win North Carolina and Indiana!

McCaul beat Larry Joe Doherty in TX-10. Oh well.

Staying up for a bit to see how Prop 8's doing (exit polls show it losing but it's close) and to avoid a hangover tomorrow :-)


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