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flu marches on
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Posted on 2009-05-04 14:51:00
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and apparently Travis County has its first confirmed case! That's exciting, I guess. Keep washing your hands, etc. Here's an article describing how schools decide when to close - it really makes a big difference in the spread of viruses if they close as soon as they see a few cases. Of course, then the virus doesn't spread and people complain about "overhyping" the threat and such...which is true, but if we hadn't taken it as seriously it would have been worse.

Car Warranty Racket Exposed on Today Show - I wonder if these are the jerks that keep calling me? I hate those guys.

Talking Gadget Theater II: The Kindle 2 and iPod Shuffle perform Wrath of Khan - their enunciation is pitch-perfect!

Space-racism is bad: And 17 other not-so-subtle lessons learned from Star Trek

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Houston Health Department on twitter
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Posted on 2009-05-02 18:34:00
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I just helped my mom set up HoustonHealth on Twitter. Follow her for the latest on swine flu (excuse me, 2009 H1N1 influenza) in Houston!


swine flu ads from the 1970s
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Posted on 2009-04-29 15:57:00
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Apparently in the 1976 there was a case of swine flu which got people worried about a pandemic which never happened. It seems like we're beyond that point now, but it's a little reassuring. Anyway, here are a few commercials from those days:

(youtube link because the embedded player is acting up)

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swine flu
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Posted on 2009-04-27 12:18:00
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If you want to keep informed, there's CDCemergency on Twitter, as well as www.cdc.gov/swineflu and pandemicflu.gov (which is memorable but a bit alarmist at this point).

Being a slight hypochondriac, I plan to keep tabs on news but not too closely.

Wash your hands a lot, avoid touching your face with your hands, and stay home if you're sick.

Also, apparently my mom is liveblogging for a local news station tomorrow night, so that's pretty cool :-) - here's the link!


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