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big day
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Posted on 2008-01-09 09:18:00
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Big work meeting today after lunch.

We met with our mortgage guy yesterday and everything seems to be in order, so bully for that. After work we're gonna view the house again and then, in all likelihood, make an offer, which is exciting! This just in: the house was not used previously to manufacture methamphetamines (yes, this question is on the seller's disclosure).

Also, $32 per month is a ridiculous sum of money to pay to a homeowner's association, for use of a pool that we'll probably never use.


mortgage-hunting around done
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Posted on 2008-01-02 14:42:00
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I think we're finally done mortgage-hunting. Which is good because it's starting to drive me bananas. I went to Bank of America today to cash in some savings bonds and (after the guy miscounted them which would have shorted me some hundreds of dollars) the guy asked me what I was doing with the money. I let it slip we're planning on closing on a house soon(ish) and his eyes literally lit up1 and he got very excited and started talking quickly and pulled up a web page with mortgage numbers. At one point he actually jogged across the room to ask someone something.

Then on the way back from that, another mortgage person possibility called me to make sure I had gotten the estimate he emailed back this morning.

I think if I wore a shirt saying "About to buy a house" I would be crushed by the mob of humanity coming to offer me a mortgage, is all I'm saying.

1 - I hate it when people say "literally" when they don't mean "literally", so here's my justification: his eyes opened wider, therefore exposing more of the white of his eyes to me, which is brighter than the rest of his eyes/his skin. (back)

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The next two weeks
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Posted on 2007-12-30 10:00:00
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Here's what has to happen in the next two weeks:

- New year's party (fun!)
- Shuffling money around in anticipation of making a down payment
- Picking a mortgage broker/company and finishing that paperwork
- Next weekend: Drive to Houston for djedi's brother's bachelor party.
- Next weekend: Probably with djedi's parents, looking at the house we're interested in again (and talking to neighbors about mosquitos?), as well as looking at a house we probably aren't interested in
- Figuring out whether a drainage ditch behind a house is bad or not
- Maaaaaybe, if all our ducks are lined up, making an offer on said drainage ditch house
- Holding the big proposal meeting for my big big feature at work (probably the most important meeting in my professional career thus far), attended by my former boss, boss, and boss's boss (and other people) which I stupidly scheduled for the day before...
- djedi's brother's wedding in Houston, for which I will have to drive down right after said meeting unless I can reschedule, which is unlikely given the number of people attending

After all that I'm gonna get me a new phone, the idea of which will hopefully get me through all of the above. I'm thinking either a Nokia 6133 or a Nokia 6263.

I'm declaring it's OK for myself to get very little else done as long as the bullet points above are hit.


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