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Posted on 2006-07-17 09:33:00
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So I got back in to Civilization 4 this weekend. My current goal is to win on Warlord (difficulty level 3 of 9). The last game I started like a week ago was going great, I was way ahead in tech (as usual) and had fought off a few skirmishes, when my next door neighbor totally started laying the smackdown on my fair England. He was about to take London when I stopped, and although I tried to load that game to see it through to the bitter end, it seemed to not load for some reason. Although I can't say I tried too hard.

So, new game! I decided to go for a military victory, which I never never do, just for the novelty of it. So I played as Genghis Khan of Mongolia, and started pumping out military units pretty early. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, so I "nailed" my next door neighbor America (who totally had it coming even though they didn't do anything to me :-) ). I wiped them out and now have a large part of a continent to myself (I foolishly let two other civs have a few cities in what should be my territory, so I'm trying to take them out culturally...we'll see). The weird part is, despite my pumping out Knights and Longbowmen and Cavalry like nobody's business, I'm still (barely) ahead in tech as well, which means things are looking good! I have the highest score, and France has the next-highest score, which means I'm gearing up for war with them. The problem is that I just got the tech for some good naval units, so I'm getting ready to bombard their cities and land troops on their continent. Anyway, I'm having a blast :-)

Interesting sidenote - both djedi and I love the opening music, and I found some information about it (yay Wikipedia!) - it was performed by a Stanford a capella group (although they're not a capella for this version), and the game stores it in .mp3 format, so I'm gonna add it to my iPod next chance I get. It's also available online, and I'd highly recommend giving it a listen. Might pick up one of their CDs sometime...

So I dreamed I was at Rice, although not back in school there. The US was having a big meeting with North Korea and it took place at Rice (kinda like when Rice hosted the G8 summit). Apparently various Rice student groups were performing for a big audience, I think it was on the academic quad. Anyway, the Phils were there, and they sang a love song while surrounding Kim Jong-il's wife. I thought this was a very very bad idea, but he and his entourage just sat there, not really reacting or anything.

Edit: Wow, we're moving to the fourth best place to live in the country. Neat!


spring break! civ4! weird nightmare!
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Posted on 2006-03-15 09:23:00
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So I took yesterday off from work to have my own Spring Break. It was great! I finished installing my new hard drive (*grumble*) and things seem to be working fine. I also played a lot of Civ 4 - djedi and I started a new game at Chieftain (difficulty level 2 of 9), since I had played a few games at Warlord (difficulty 3 of 9) and been trounced pretty well. It was fun, I learned a lot from playing with him and also manually controlling our workers, and we would have won big time (I was way ahead when I decided to stop). The next game I play will be back on Warlord! Anyway, we also took a walk and generally had a very relaxing day. Good stuff!

Nightmare: So I was at Rice with my mom - I had made the trip down to see a keynote by Steve Jobs, which took place in an Astrodome-like building where Rice Stadium really is. Near the end of his presentation, he announced some new environmental initiative for something or other, that involved using CFC's. My mom took a look at that and said, "That won't work!" - in fact, it would be pretty bad for the environment. They gave us CDs of the presentation on the way out as a memento of sorts or something. So, erm, something happened to make them aware of this, and it became a big deal because it would mean all sorts of bad press for them. Meanwhile, I went to a Phils concert, except due to illness and stuff there were only like 5 people singing, and they were accompanied on the piano, so I didn't stay too long.

So for some reason the next day we were at the Astrodome-like building again and Steve Jobs was talking again, and after he was done talking and people were leaving, it was pretty clear he was going to do bad stuff to us to prevent the word that this new initiative was bad for the environment get out. I responded that I had already send copies of the CD to my friends and distributed on the Internet, so the jig was up anyway, so he had to let us go. This was in fact a lie, although I thought as I was saying this "Man, I totally should have done that! Crap." But he believed us, and before heading back to Austin I popped the CD in a computer to try to actually send it to someone. Except there was this weird UNIX-like operating system on the computer I was using (there were UNIX commands, but they did different things - I like "df" did "ls" or something), so I was confused and a little nervous about the whole thing. But then I guess I left or something.

Anyway, I woke up and was totally scared to get out of bed because Steve Jobs and his goons were after me :-)


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