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Heroes ARG!
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Posted on 2007-02-03 09:50:00
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So djedi and I watched the last two episodes of Heroes last night - good stuff! After they were done I stumbled across the new ARG (Alternate Reality Game, like the Lost Experience that I messed around with this summer). I got the hint from the show - go to primatechpaper.com to see. Behind the cut I'll list the progress I made last night. Spoiler alert!

So you go to primatechpaper.com and look around a little. Do y'all see the "call 1-800-PRIMA16" or text "PAPER" to 46622? I didn't see that at first, or something. (1-800-PRIMA16 was also on the show) Anyway, if you don't see that you can go to the careers page and there's an invitation code it asks for. I don't know what that code is (the guy said he wrote it on the back of the card for Mohinder, I think), but you can look at the javascript and see it's just going to send you to www.primatechpaper.com/jobs, which is at what point I first saw the call/text message text.

So I haven't called the number, but I did send a text message, and it told me to go to www.primatechpaper.com/wap, which I did on my normal web browser. There's a place on there to enter your name and phone number, which I haven't done, but you can also click on the logo off of the "About Us" page which leads to this text:

I'm in and u shud b 2 Go online to Primatechpaper.com when you get home. Find helix on About Us page. Username: bennet Password: claire. Get to know them thru me. HGghx11a. Talk again soon

So, OK. I did that (the helix is in the company logo) and logged in and it brings up this neato Assignment Tracker, under which there seem to be silhouettes of one girl and three guys. Clicking on any of the pages asks for another login, and when you fail, it says:
You have attempted to access a page
that you are not authorized to view.
Your IP address has been noted.

Future attempts to access may result in legal action.

But that's not your IP address! So, you can go to and get the following cryptic thing:
Invalid URL
The requested URL "/", is invalid.

Reference #9.b528acf.1170479141.0

That's where I ran out of time. So we have this reference number, and the string "HGghx11a" from Claire's message that might be used as usernames/passwords somewhere. I'll investigate more after dodgeball and such.

Edit: Aha! If you click on the top silhouette (Claire?) and use username: bennet password: HGghx11a you can see a profile of someone new. I really have to run though.



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