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Posted on 2011-06-13 16:56:00
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Britton Gregory, a friend of ours, is getting into the financial coaching business, and he has a new excellent blog called Financial Geekery. Check it out! I've already learned that I need to check my American Express credit card to see if I can get better rewards...

There's probably going to be a vote on same-sex marriage in New York this week, and apparently the count of confirmed supporters is up to 30 (out of 32 necessary). Go go go! (skipping obligatory link to map)

Chuck Klosterman tries to explain why watching sports on the DVR sucks the fun out of it. I have had similar feelings, and his explanations seem pretty close to the truth.

Taking Cold Showers - I like the idea but not sure I can force myself to do this. I'm not a very determined person in the morning!

A cool time-lapse video of Manhattan traffic, etc.


Comment from kernelm:

Gah, cold showers. A couple of weeks ago the gas company (without notice!) turned off our gas to do some work on the line and so we didn't have hot water for like, 8 days. The cold showers sucked. I guess at least it wasn't during winter or something so the water wasn't bone-chillingly cold, but man was I glad to get hot water again.

Comment from spchampion:

Wait, Britton is doing a financial coaching business? That's really awesome, but how in the world did he get into doing that?

Comment from brittongregory:

I started getting into financial geekery in 2008, and discovered that I have a passion for it. Who knew?

FYI, for those of you who are interested, I'm running a personal finance workshop series in downtown Austin next month. The pertinent information is here. If you think you or anyone you know would benefit, by all means, sign up! (At $20 for the whole 4-part series, plus free child care, it's a steal...)

Comment from djedi:

I think geeks are often drawn to finances. I dunno if it's the finding (numerical) order in chaos or what...

Comment from spamchang:

Congrats on a new direction in life, and good luck!

Comment from brittongregory:

Well, this is in addition to, not instead of, my current direction. ;)

Comment from spamchang:

vector addition says that direction has changed ;)

Comment from brittongregory:

Ouch! Well-said.

Comment from djedi:

Ok, so maybe I'm not the best person to wax about sports watching but I think the article about sports and dvrs is almost total bullshit. The only good point he states is his irrational one: I think a lot of what people find exciting is the fact they they are watching something whose outcome is unknown by ANYONE and maybe if they watch and wish hard enough the team they do desperately want to win will do so.

For me, old sports games are less interesting for the same reason old newspapers are less interesting. The info and highlights are already known, probably even by me, and with the virtually unlimited possibilities on which to spend my very limited time, I'd rather do something new.

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