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Posted on 2011-06-06 13:15:00
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I usually wait and queue these up a bit, but these are too good to hold on to!

- Our Fantasy Nation?: I'll quote the beginning, and let you read the article for the punchline.

With Tea Party conservatives and many Republicans balking at raising the debt ceiling, let me offer them an example of a nation that lives up to their ideals.

It has among the lowest tax burdens of any major country: fewer than 2 percent of the people pay any taxes. Government is limited, so that burdensome regulations never kill jobs.

This society embraces traditional religious values and a conservative sensibility. Nobody minds school prayer, same-sex marriage isn’t imaginable, and criminals are never coddled.

The budget priority is a strong military, the nation’s most respected institution. When generals decide on a policy for, say, Afghanistan, politicians defer to them. Citizens are deeply patriotic, and nobody burns flags.
(via flamingophoenix, which is also an excellent username!)

- Slate uses Rotten Tomatoes data to chart the course of an actor's or director's career, and even lets you make graphs of your own!

- The Alamo Drafthouse is serious about not texting during a movie. See their latest PSA featuring an angry voicemail!

- This Daily WTF made me blink in disbelief. The first four lines:
/* this is my function to conveniently divide even when things are zero */
function safely_divideByZero($numerator,$denominator)
    /* check to see if the denominator == "php" - remember, 0 == "php" */
    if ( $denominator == "php" )

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I heart Tim League.

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