8 webOS apps to buy - while they're on sale!
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Posted on 2010-07-02 12:49:00
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Since the 50% off sale is going on for another few weeks, here are my favorite webOS apps:

  1. FlightPredictor - OK, I'm a little biased here, but it's gotten great reviews on the App Catalog and is one of Palm's Featured Apps. Great for frequent fliers!

  2. Plumber's Nightmare - connect the pipes to leave no gaps. There are 60 levels and it's great when you have a few spare minutes.

  3. My webOS Apps - Very easy way to keep track of your app sales and statuses. Great for webOS developers!

  4. TweetMe - Beautiful Twitter client that's very functional. Just look at those screenshots!

  5. Sports Live! - A great way to keep track of your favorite US sports. Lives in the notification area so you can always know what the score is. There are also cheaper versions available for individual sports - I have the baseball one myself.

  6. Poker Drops - Trace out poker hands for points. The same developer (whom Palm hired a few weeks ago) also wrote Wobble Words, which I'm also a fan of.

  7. FlashCards - A great way to brush up on stuff you should know. I've been working on my state capitals :-)

  8. CrossWords - Tons of puzzles available, and keyboard navigation makes it very easy to use!

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