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Posted on 2009-06-10 11:49:00
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A new poll came out showing that 69% of Americans favor allowing openly gay people in the military - up from 64% 5 years ago...and even 58% conservatives support it! For a point of comparison, when Truman integrated the army only 13% of the population supported it. Stephen Colbert is doing his show from Iraq this week (in front of troops) and last night did a segment on Don't Ask, Don't Tell which was pretty ballsy.

25 Great Calvin and Hobbes Strips

Remember that long health care article? Turns out Obama read it too and is taking it pretty seriously.

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Comment from djedi:

Yeah, a lot of namby-pampby's talk about how we should wait for equal rights until the straight population is ready to give it to us. However, we have more support now than when African-Americans were "given" their rights.

Also, C&H is probably the best multi-frame comic strip ever. Farside would get the 1-frame award. :)

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