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Posted on 2008-06-27 16:21:00
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John McCain wants to repeal gay marriage in California.

Also, the Federal Marriage Amendment was introduced again. Hilariously, the group of people who "want to defend the sanctity of marriage" or whatever includes Larry Craig and David Vitter!


Comment from taesmar:

Seriously, why can't people leave other people alone instead of being spoilsports. Letting gay people get married doesn't affect their hetero marriages at all. And these are usually the same dumbasses who are whining about those "promiscuous gays" spreading AIDS blah blah - and it's like, hey idiots, you don't want promiscuous gays but you block gay marriage? BUH?

Comment from djedi:

It's so odd, and bad/sad, that in *this* country, it's the gay population that got the most hit by AIDS. This is mostly bad luck and the fact that it's a smaller, mostly closed population.

I saw a funny funny interview (can't remember if it was Daily Show or Colbert Report) where the interviewer was asking this anti-gay nut exactly how have gay marriages hurt his marriage, his heterosexuality, etc.

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