Gore coverage in 2000
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Posted on 2007-12-11 10:49:00
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Excellent article about media coverage of Gore in 2000. (via kottke) It may make you angry. Remember this when the inevitable trivial stories start coming out about the nominees.

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Comment from djedi:

Yeah, I remember that election well. I was positively floored by the media representations. Across the board, they really just made up stuff about Gore and loved and tolerated Bush and his ignorance.

Honestly, I never understand why the media positively loves frat playboys. Being rich and lazy makes them good presidential candidates somehow or even interesting? Really, I grew up in Texas and remember his campaigns for governor. The man always struck me as a smug, lazy, rich prick more than "the sorta guy whom you'd love to have a beer with". Gore seemed infinitely more mature and the sort of person who'd be friendly and personable. I think the media (and many people) just love the spunk of youth and disdain the more mature candidates.

Sigh, this really drives home the cynical idea that the modern media is definitely after the interesting story and upping sales rather than even-handedly and factually reporting the news.

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