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last melodramatic post!
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Posted on 2006-08-23 21:33:00
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So djedi and I are officially homeless for the moment. We leave tomorrow morning for our fantastic voyage to Maryland!

Good things today:
- The moving people were very nice and professional. Did a heck of a job with all of our crap, especially the darn furniture.
- Just went and saw "Snakes on a Plane". Hee hee hee. Good stuff, although a little gruesome for my taste.

Bad things today:
- ugh, don't want to go into it. anyway, it's over

So the plan is to arrive Sunday afternoon and move into our apartment Monday morning. Everything's being hooked up on Monday, so I should be posting by then! (hmm, I think I already said this. oh well)

Au revoir!


the future's looking good to me
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Posted on 2006-07-28 13:49:00
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So we only did one runthrough last night, and we got yelled at (well, not actually yelling) because it sucked. I screwed up at least three different times, lines were dropped, etc., etc. Which should mean that opening night (tonight!) should be fantastic!

I found this pointer to an amazing presentation about Sustainable South Bronx. Maybe I'll send them some money. Wow.

Army Dismisses Gay Arabic Linguist 'Outed' By Anonymous Email Campaign. Note that Sergeant Copas didn't "tell", yet he was certainly "asked". I don't understand why "don't ask, don't tell" applies to non-field personnel, anyway...

The congresswoman involved in the security dustup in April is losing in the Democratic primary. The system works!

A story from a former airport security person. Another example of "teaching to the test".


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