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obama's speech and an embarrassing memory from my past
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Posted on 2009-02-25 13:23:00
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Obama gave a sort of State of the Union last night - here it is in full and it was pretty good I thought. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal (who some hope will run for president in 2012) gave the Republican rebuttal. As TPM points out he does a very good impression of Kenneth the Page! (Nate Silver covers why complaining about spending money on volcano monitoring isn't a great idea since it has saved lives in the past)

Unrelated memory that was randomly triggered at lunch: In 9th or 10th grade I was in the Houston Masterworks Chorus with my mom. For one rehearsal she couldn't make it, and so she arranged for me to catch a ride with someone (me not being able to drive) who was going to pick me up from home. Well, I'm a pretty shy person so I hadn't actually met this woman, but I sat outside on the curb reading a book waiting to be picked up. A car pulled up and scene missing and somehow I thought this was my ride and got so far as reaching in the window and unlocking the door before she asked "What are you doing?" I quickly apologized and went back to sitting on the curb. It was mortifying! Hopefully she didn't think I was a carjacker but I have a feeling she did. Later my actual ride came and I was careful to ask before entering the car :-)


darn crossword puzzles
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Posted on 2005-01-19 22:13:00
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So David and I were working on a crossword-like puzzle in an old Games magazine, and one of the clues was "It's wicked". So my first guess was "sin", which ended up not fitting (it was a kind of crossword in which you don't know the length of answers, which is hard of course), and then we were out of ideas for a while, and it ended up being one of the last clues we got. And the answer was...

"candle". At first I was like, "Well, candles can be kinda evil, I guess...", and then we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Darn crossword puzzles!


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