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Is that if we can't figure out a math problem with the kids' homework, (unlikely with Stephen, I know), I know who I'm calling.

Also, I may have the kids learn calculus or programming or something over the summers at y'all's house, someday... Mwah-ha-ha-ha...


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Just awesome!

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...that Bane was a major villain in the Batman comics, and is one of the few major ones that hadn't been revamped. He's an obvious choice, unless we want to go all "Tim Burton" with The Penguin.

- Nancy Pelosi *wishes* she was Catwoman. :P
- It's really not Batman's fault that Bain Capital chose a name that has a homonym with negative connotations. They could've chosen to do shady things at Happi Corp. 'S not our fault that they didn't.

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This is Patrice, btw:

Anti-gay members of organized religions actually *think* they have 'scientific evidence' to back up their claims. The problem is, their "studies" are so flawed that you could drive a bus through the holes, and even, laughably, they'll use studies that show the opposite of what they're concluding to "prove" what they're concluding. It's mind-exploding.

And, in my opinion, any laws that promote intolerance hurt children, specifically the gay kids that get cast from their homes by their families (there are a sad number of these in Houston). This isn't just a matter of "Man, that's unfair." Sometimes it's life-and-death, and... words fail me.

But, to end with a note of levity, this whole issue always does remind me of my gay friend's line, whenever my husband and I do any kind of PDA - "Hey, quit forcing your beliefs on me! Ick!"

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