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Cool feature with Google. I didn't know about the txt message features. I only use the features for random information.
You still need to sign up for it!

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Ask Engroff for some of my music. He has a lot of my older stuff. (by older, i mean a couple years to several months ago versus my new music as in 5 hours old.) It'd be interesting to see if you wanted to write a script that would take the two files and then compare which songs were in common between them.

I realized why i don't leave iTunes open all the time - it eats up too much system resources to sort everything.

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i'm confused by this. You only have 7 listed genres?! I take it the blank one is everything else?

and why do you have so many with muppets or elmo? and you have John Tesh?!

i think i've heard of three quarters of your music, but it's questionable. i'm a little scared as to what the script would show about my collection because i haven't gone through and removed the duplicates or fixed the song titles so that i can arrange things by song artist. Also, i have 15k songs - so this is no small feat either. Actually, as of this morning - i have 15.5k tracks. If you ever want any music, ask me. I probably have it.

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Will Rice = Teenage Binja Turtles - Heroes of the Half Pint
Jones = Rolling Jones - I can't get no drunken action
Martel = Win a beer with Matt Hamilton
Hanszen = Papa Smirnoff
Lovett = Takka Cabana?
Baker = Tour De Franzia - Live Drunk
Sid = Busch - Four more beers
Brown = Texas Drink'em - The World Series of Beer


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