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for what it's worth, i LOOOVE my mac book pro. i'd never had a mac until i got this one about 18 months ago and i'm never going back. i still run into problems with programs like matlab that aren't available in universal binary, but parallels has solved that problem nicely. and best of all, i feel super cool whenever i open it up in public! go macs!

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that's amazing!! my awe knows no bounds.
it sounds like a really fun project!
good luck for the next go-round!

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what brand of hotel are you staying in with all these hot tubs? not that i stay in hotels that frequently, but i've never encountered them and it sounds awesome!

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some of the most brilliant community actors i've ever seen are first-timers! and several who are old hands are terrible. experience is in NO way a gauge of skill in acting! (especially in community theater)

and yes, it will be stressful! i remember a show i did where one of the leads didn't get all his lines nailed until the day before opening night, and yes i bit my fingernails to the quick and thought i was going to kill him, but he turned out to be a shining star as the sheriff! :-) which is not to say you shouldn't know your lines before opening night, but that even if you don't, you can still be fabulous!

things always have a way of working themselves out, especially in the theater!

my own personal tips for learning gobs and gobs of lines:
- write them out, especially for long monologues. it always helps me cement them into memory.
- i don't know how much time you have, but i try and do something like 2-3 scenes a week and run them constantly, in the car, in the shower, as you're cooking dinner, in bed before you go to sleep (especially good if you have someone else to run them with). taking smaller chunks and doing them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over makes them second nature, so it's not such a huge task.
- one of my friends made flashcards with all her cues on one side, and the first two words of her line on the other. she claimed it helped a great deal, but i always had to memorize things in order.
come to think of it, i don't really have that many tips, sorry.

you'll be fantastic though! and as the applause and adoration of the crowd rain down upon you, it will all be worth it.

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i am so jealous!! that sounds like so much fun! i've always wondered what gay days would be like - i can only imagine how fantastic it actually is.

live it up!!

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dark side of oz is pretty remarkable. then again, i was not so sober the time that i experienced the wonder that was the dark side of oz, so perhaps i shouldn't comment. i do remember that it blew my mind.

i heartily endorse this plan.

have fun!

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i love set! thanks so much for the heads up on the daily set game!

except for the fact that i have my last exam in 2.5 hours, i would be deeply into it. stupid exams.
why did i think grad school was a good idea anyhow?
at least the snow is starting to melt.

good luck with your tivo thing - that sounds pretty crazy!

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