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But don't stress too much. It will all come in time, this is one of THE primary issues that brings republicans out of their holes. Heaven forbid...

This has always been about getting liberals to vote and always will. Most disaffected liberals blame the democrats from moving too far to the center to garner votes and hence don't turn out when it matters for certain important votes.

Democrats are notorious for losing their own constituents. It's just the way...

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if the next election isn't stolen again... you heard about the foreclosure voters not being able to vote in Michigan?
Or Ohio and Nevada?

I don't know if I have much hope for this election. I figure just vote and see what happens..

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Have you seen this one? DAMMNN
(wish I had cable to keep up with this stuff!)

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Yeah, I have nothing against Palin except that I don't agree with her. I never understood why some people attack another party that hasn't affected their lives at all with hatred. I can't stand Bush b/c he has affected my life in adverse ways but I don't have anything against Palin or McCain(yet). The most eye opening thing about it all is that now I understand how others feel about Obama - don't agree with him and think he's inexperienced. Difference though is that we have democratically push Obama up to the top where McCain has artificially selected Palin and told us she was "ready".

Anyway you look at it - Obama is running a phenomenal campaign that has been inspiring and reveals how he will manage large systems of government. Plus with Obama breaking 50% and having an 8% lead over McCain - I am not worried that Iran & Russia are over the horizon.. ugh!

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Yeah I'm sort of torn myself. I used to give them a few dollars in Austin. I always feel compelled to give them at least a little something b/c unless they are drivin' off in a nice BMW or something - they're probably living a life that's much worse off.

Though I have encountered genuine con-men around here in atlanta - you can usually tell them apart b/c they are very aggressive and are usually looking for you to help them jump their car or drive them somewhere and they'll catch you on your way to your car.

But yeah in general, it's a tough choice :(. Some cities such as NY & (I heard) Dallas have vans that drive their homeless to other cities that are much better prepared or have open homes in surrounding cities. In NY - they shipped them to Albany, Ithaca, Rochester & Buffalo. In Texas, they drove em to Austin :-\ That's at least the rumor I heard. Not sure how true it is.

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