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I mean, I guess what he says is probably literally true: it's possible to suppress homosexual urges. Closeted people do it all the time. The real question, I think, is why anybody should care whom you have sex with, or want a significant class of people to be constantly suppressing sexual urges that don't hurt anybody.

Comment on post finally, FINALLY, McCain scales back the ugliness:

Yeah, this is pretty interesting.

I'm not sure how much sincerity to attribute to McCain here. I mean this pretty straightforwardly: I'm really not sure.

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Ooh, you went to a good game. I was watching most of that one on TV. I was a little ambivalent going in, as I always always always root against the Yankees, but I have Roger on my fantasy team, and the guy in first place has Bedard... but it turns out, it's more fun to see the Yankees lose than to do well with my fantasy team.

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I tend to agree with the suggestion above -- those men were comically ridiculous. I'm not sure that having comically ridiculous people with homophobic attitudes is a terrible thing to do. The ad was particularly funny because as a matter of sad sociological fact, lots of American men are really ridiculously homophobic in that sort of way.

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