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last debate
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Posted on 2008-10-16 09:31:00
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Well, that was actually a pretty good debate. I thought McCain did better than the other two, but the snap polls show Obama winning by a wide margin. (58-31, 53-22, etc.)

I almost posted the video of Obama talking to "Joe the Plumber" yesterday since it shows Obama having an intelligent discussion for like 4 minutes about tax policy. After McCain mentioned him like 20 times last night, he's famous! Here it is:
A video of McCain's angryish reactions.

Obama had a good response to the Ayers question, which he had obviously planned since he basically dared McCain to bring it up. Nate at thought McCain was doing well up to that point but pushed too hard on the cheap sleazy stuff. But he was behind and had to try something...


Dear "the media":
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Posted on 2008-10-16 16:27:00
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When I first met Joe the Plumber, I was interested. When John McCain mentioned him 20 times (and Obama a few) at last night's debate, I was bored. Now that I learn more about him (he's not actually a plumber!) I can't begin to describe how much I don't care about this guy.

It was amusing at first but it's already old. If I have to sit through two more weeks of this I'm going to become a plumber myself. Please stop.


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