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Welcome to my bio page! I'm a friendly fellow, can't you tell? As I said before, to contact me email dc (my last name) AT gmail DOT com.

I currently work doing software development, specifically I use tiny bits of math and lots of CS to design and code algorithms. I have a BA in mathematics from Rice University and a PhD in cryptography from the University of Texas at Austin. My interests other than computer science and math include games and puzzles, World of Warcrack, reading, jogging, and tv. My latest obsessions have been implementing a version of the card game Coloretto for windows and playing the Wii. My partner's and my webpages are being hosted off our linux computer at home so I apologize if it's occasionally down. I spend most of my day in front of a computer, but I like that!

I love building computers. I just built myself a new one for gaming; see my recent projects for more info. I seem to get called upon to build or troubleshoot computers a lot, especially hardware problems. It seems like having the official CS major means you don't have to know anything about hardware. =P My new computer runs Windows XP, for gaming, but my old one is partitioned between Win XP and Debian. If I could get everything I use working in Linux, I would be a happier camper.

I currently live in Columbia, Maryland, but I grew up in Texas. It is rather interesting to live so close to DC, but we rather miss Austin and Texas. Due to personal reasons, we will be moving back there soon to stay!

I was involved several years (backstage) with the Austin Summer Musical for Children. This *free* musical has the goal of increasing literacy and giving children some wholesome entertainment over the summer. The musicals are written each year by the staff and are based on common books and fairy tales to encourage children to read! Entertaining for adults and children!

Computer Skills

I've dabbled in CSS lately and am working on an AI/Windows project right now at home. I've been learning Machine Vision techniques and algorithms and have a familiarity with manipulating various image formats, mostly through various C++ API's although much of it is playing around with pixel values. I've used NI's Labview for a few years as an unofficial team member in their yearly employee robot obstacle course competition. I'm excited about their new LEGO Mindstorms!


Work Experience and References

Please contact me if you would like a resume, my work experience or references. My email is dc (my last name) AT gmail DOT com.

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