jQuery UI Accordion Test Suite

    Standard, container is a div, header is h3 and content p
    There is one obvious advantage:

    You've seen it coming!
    Buy now and get nothing for free!
    Well, at least no free beer. Perhaps a bear, if you can afford it.

    Now that you've got...

    your bear, you have to admit it!
    No, we aren't selling bears.

    We could talk about renting one.

    Rent one bear, ...

    get two for three beer.

    And now, for something completely different.

    Navigation - Unordered List with anchors and nested lists.

    The first item is cloned to allow the user to select it. The active element is choosen based on location.hash: Open Drums and click the first item ('Drums'), then reload the page.

    With options, container is a definition list, header dt, content dd
    Fancy stuff about red thingies.
    Green! Green! Green!
    Cool kids are blue.
    Divitus structure, div container, div header (class title), div content, no active on startup and can be completely closed
    One ball, two players. Lots of fun.
    One ball, 22 players. Lots of fun.
    Well, one ball, some guys running around, some guys hitting others with a stick.
    Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
    Well, apart from the running part.
    Activate via selector, eg. ':first' or 'a:first':
    Log of the 2nd accordion