WoW Frost Mage DPS

About this project

These calculations assume you have no other damage-dealing talents than the ones below, and that the majority of your spells are Frostbolts. See below for details on the exact rotation.

Load data from WoW Armory:


(not available yet from the Armory)

Total mana:   Crit chance: %  Frostbolt casting time:  seconds  Global cooldown:  seconds

vs Lvl 70 mobvs Lvl 71 mobvs Lvl 72 mobvs Lvl 73 mob (boss)
Hit %
Frostbolt damage/DPS
Fire Blast damage/DPS
Water Elemental: damage/total DPS
Total average DPS

Total average DPS assumes a rotation of * Frostbolt + Fire Blast sequencewith no Fire Blasts, as its DPS is lower than Frostbolt's over  seconds.

Caveats: This is an average DPS over a (theoretically) infinite amount of time, so things like Icy Veins and Water Elemental are amortized over their cooldowns. This adds Arcane Intellect to the armory data if it isn't active. Here are the source files:

About this project

This does a calculation of my two main spells, Frostbolt and Fire Blast. (my character is Tsouzer on the Maiev realm) Here are discussions that led to this. I learned the formulas from WoWWiki pages, specifically Spell hit, Frostbolt, and Formulas:Plus damage and Plus healing.

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