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This data is from MLB games from 1903-2020, including postseason games. Data are complete back to 1973, mostly complete back to 1950, and somewhat complete back to 1916. It omits games that are less than 9 innings (doubleheaders in 2020) as well as extra inning games where a runner starts on second base (non-playoff games in 2020). All data is available at Retrosheet.

Linked from: FiveThirtyEight (search for "eighth inning"), The Washington Post, CBS Sports, CBS Sports again, The Athletic, Royals Review, Beyond the Box Score, and more!

Articles written with this data:

Source files available on GitHub.

Idea taken from's Win Expectancy Finder (now defunct). Here's a good article about Win Expectancy. Leverage Index calculations based on this article.

The information used here was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet. Interested parties may contact Retrosheet at 20 Sunset Rd., Newark, DE 19711.

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