How 'bout that local sports team?
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Posted on 2006-06-10 21:35:00
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So, wow. My sports day has been quite exciting.

I got up early to watch the England-Paraguay World Cup match (which started at 8 am). Luckily I TiVoed it, since I didn't start watching until 8:15 or so. I just get settled in, and bam! England scores (well, technically it was an own-goal on Paraguay, but it came off of such a beautiful free kick by David Beckham (yes, he bent it like himself) that it might have gone in anyway. After that exciting start, the rest of the game was fairly lackluster. England won 1-0, but didn't look like a great team.

After that, I watched the Sweden-Trinidad & Tobago match. This is Trinidad & Tobago's first World Cup ever, and nobody gives them a chance (Sweden's odds of winning are 44ish:1 - T&T's is something like 2000:1). Also, their starting goalie got hurt in warmups, so their backup keeper played the hole game. And what a game he played! He was tested quite a few times and came up admirably. Oh, and a T&T player got his second yellow card at the start of the second half, so they played basically the whole second half down a man. And they still pulled out a 0-0 tie, which they rightfully celebrated. For some reason I like a sport where a team can legitimately cheer a 0-0 game :-)

After the pride festival, we went rock climbing. It was fun but tiring and hard on the muscles! I climbed my first section pretty well and then waited up there for a while before I could convince my body that pushing myself backwards to fall was really the right thing to do. Climbed another wall and a half before my arms gave out on me...

Then I had root beer at NxNW. Yeah, not sports related, but that was seriously good root beer!

Then I came back here and was planning on watching the Rice-Oklahoma baseball game. Unfortunately, ESPN2 was carrying a different game, so I turned it off for a while. When I turned it back on, Alabama was ahead of North Carolina 4-2 in the middle of the 7th inning (I decided to root for North Carolina because they weren't ranked while Alabama was - make it more fun for me to cheer for someone :-) ). In the bottom of the 8th, North Carolina got a 3 run homer and later a double to take the lead 6-4. Then, in the top of the 9th, Alabama got a runner on base because of a throwing error. After a walk and a strikeout, they got a 3 run homer to go up 7-6! So now it's the bottom of the 9th. North Carolina gets an out, a walk, a stolen base and a strikeout. And with two outs, the same guy who hit a homer in the bottom of the 8th hits a walk off homer and North Carolina wins 8-7. What a game! (also Rice won 10-4 - yay!)

And if you think I'm going to miss the Mexico-Iran game tomorrow morning, you're sadly mistaken. It's irritating that I can't watch any of the games during the week since they're during the day, so I better make the most of the weekends. And they're both good teams so it should be a good game!

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