I love my computer
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Posted on 2006-03-27 13:10:00
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(not exactly, but it made a nice counterpoint to the last entry)

djedi and I seem to have pinned down the problem - after exchanging the motherboard and getting a new one with a non-NVIDIA chipset, I put the new one in and hooked everything up. It booted after a while (took a scarily long time the first time - luckily there are neat colored lights that indicate what it's doing), and sorta worked. By "sorta" I mean it was jerky at times, even when I wasn't in WoW, and WoW was more jerky until the computer basically froze. Rebooted and checked the error log - lots of hard drive errors. Ugggh. WTF was going on?

djedi and I suspected power problems, maybe, so I disconnected the power from my second hard drive and booted up. Guess what - no problems! Even played WoW and all that. Then I replugged in the second hard drive with a power plug on a different chain from the first hard drive. Bam, problem solved. Guh. So I'm still making things work in Linux now that everything's different (printer and sound seem to be the only noticable casualties), and I'm gonna transfer stuff back to the old hard drive and make sure that works so I can return the new one to Fry's. But then this horrible ordeal will presumably be over!

Desperately trying to get some work done today. The compiler seems determined not to let that happen.

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