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Posted on 2006-01-23 15:00:00
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I had a nice weekend. I got some work done and made some progress on the guild mod, of which the actual mod part is pretty much done (finally...). Went over to destroyerj's to play Guitar Hero, which was a lot of fun. It's a lot like DDR with your hands, sorta. The music was good, too, and it's rewarding to get the guitar parts right, because otherwise it doesn't play the "real" notes and instead you get an amp feedbackish sound or something. So, neat game!

Speaking of DDR, we played that on Sunday, which was at first very weird since they're similar games, but you do totally different things. Had a good workout and all which was good, although I'm a little pessimistic about weighing in tmw morning.

Also, hopefully I'll make Master Sergeant in WoW tmw!

A few random links:

SNL on Saturday was pretty good. There was a cute pirate sketch which I highly recommend. Arr!

Look, a MMO dancing game?? How weird. (and the post mentions Cantina Crawls from SWG - neat!)

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