Windows Phone: paying your "taxes", or a checklist before releasing an app
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Posted on 2014-08-23 16:15:00
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Raymond Chen of The Old New Thing has a great post about paying your "taxes" as a Win32 developer, meaning you have to worry about features of the OS that your app may not be directly calling, but your users might be using. (examples are roaming user profiles, Fast User Switching, Hierarchical Storage Management, etc.) Here are more of his articles about "taxes".

So: what are the "taxes" in Universal app development for Windows/Windows Phone? Here's the list I came up with, and you can use this as a checklist before releasing a new app. Before you get discouraged at the length of the list, a lot of these are fairly easy to do!

WP means Windows Phone only and Win means Windows only, otherwise it applies to both.

Must haves:
(this doesn't mean that you have to support these, but you should be aware of them and disable support if your app doesn't play nicely)

Good for your app
These are not "taxes" per se, but they're definitely things you should think about before releasing your app!
Hopefully this will help you not forget anything when you're almost ready to publish your next app! And if I forgot anything, let me know at @gregstoll or and I'll update this list.


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