dream: fancy airplane + Island of Dr. Moreau = ??
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Posted on 2014-02-11 09:00:00
Tags: dreams
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Last night I had the weirdest dream I've had in a while. I was on a plane that was very fancy - there were lots of seats but also lounges, board games to play, etc. (I'm flying Virgin America for the first time in a few months...but I imagine it's not like this :-) ) My ticket had gotten hard to read and was also confusing - it said things like "if the flight is more than 30 minutes late, your seat is 34A" so after mistakenly sitting a few different places I asked a flight attendant what my seat was. About that time we were ready to take off so she told me to just stand up during takeoff.

The plane was indoors and apparently the pilot had a flair for the dramatic because we suddenly started going fast and we almost hit the sliding glass doors that the plane exited through. After we took off he kept showing us the sights by diving very low and fast over scenery, which gave us great views but was a little frightening. (the flight attendant assured me the captain knew what he was doing)

After a while a bunch of people went in to the museum part of the plane where there were a bunch of tigers and other animals roaming around, which was a bit unnerving. At one point two tigers had different parts of my clothes in their mouths which was starting to freak me out. There was some sort of monologue going on by the pilot/curator of the museum...and then the tiger behind me answered one of the questions aloud! Then I woke up.

Not exactly a nightmare but it wasn't a pleasant way to wake up either...

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