random dream
Mood: confused
Posted on 2005-12-31 11:10:00
Words: 251

So I'm driving with someone and I park right in front of this cafe we're going to go into. As soon as I lock my car and take two steps away, a couple people start trying to steal it - smashing in the windows and reaching in and stuff. I go back and say "Hey!", then get noticed and one of them points a gun at me and asks for my cash. I play it cool and give her all of my cash (for some reason, I'm carrying around a few hundred-dollar bills). Then, a minute later, she was just kidding or something? But then she gives me my cash back. Except I look at it and some of it is like old-timey money, so that confuses me.

Anyway, so we're about to go into the cafe, and I open the door and everything inside is frozen (including the people). This is unexpected, and I kinda raise my fist in anger and say "Stop messing with our universe!" But then I thought, hmm, what if God did this? It's OK if God did it, but not OK if we're inside some science experiment and someone's just doing this for fun or something. Anyway, things are starting to melt and people are stirring and stuff.

Two possible explanations:
- I was cold last night, but I don't think that was the case.
- I have the Madonna song "Frozen" (which djedi gave me for Christmas) on my mind more than I realized.

Happy new year!

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