Ridiculously worthy cause: help KIPP students learn writing skills on laptops!
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Posted on 2013-07-29 11:07:00
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My friend Lelac Almagor is a teacher at a KIPP school in Washington, DC. If you haven't heard of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program), the short version is that it's a free charter school system that targets kids in traditionally underserved neighborhoods, and sets very high expectations for them. The program is tough, but they've shown that it works - kids that go through the program score higher on tests and are more likely to go to college (see more of their results/studies)

Anyway! Ms. Almagor has won a number of awards, but her high-school kids have to do research on photocopies and write their papers/essays on notebook paper. This is both inefficient and doesn't give the kids the computer skills they'll need in college and beyond.

Donate and help her kids succeed!

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