Windows 8 and Windows Phone: what next?
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Posted on 2012-09-04 22:42:00
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I've ported my three "staple" apps to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone:

Windows 8Windows Phone
Marriage MapMarriage Map

I've also gone back and backported some new features from the Windows 8 versions of FlightPredictor and Marriage Map to the Windows Phone versions, although they're still in review. what?

I grappled with this in April and ended up starting Windows 8 development. One new option is "wait until tomorrow and see what Nokia/Microsoft announce for Windows Phone 8" - Windows Phone 7 apps should run on Windows Phone 8, but I'd like to make them nicer if possible. After that...well, I don't know. I'm definitely still in a Windows 8/Phone 8 mood, so maybe I'll wait a bit and see if there are niches to be filled.

(read: suggestions are welcome!)

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Comment from djedi:

This is ALWAYS my problem. I suck at being creative...seeing niches...etc. I love programming but hate coming up with ideas of what to program.

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