good things run by people I know: Financial Geekery, PCPartPicker
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Posted on 2012-07-10 11:04:00
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- Financial Geekery is a personal finance-type blog, but the posts are short and interesting. Some good ones: die broke: what it really means, the academic and the businessman: two views on investing, and a good series on ESPPs: part 1, part 2, part 3. Excellent stuff, and I'm sure Britton's financial coaching is well worth it!

- PCPartPicker is an insanely great way to build a new computer. You can pick out parts by category (with some nice filtering) and see which retailer has the best price for it. I've used it twice in the past few years to build machines at home. He's just started adding benchmarks for CPUs and it looks like GPUs will be coming soon. Philip, the guy who runs it, recently left NI to work on it full time, and I have no doubt he's going to do well.

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