FlightPredictor for #WP7 - it's getting close!
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Posted on 2012-02-13 22:06:00
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I've made a bunch of progress since I last posted about FlightPredictor for WP7. Here's the updated list of "stuff to do before release":

- make it tombstone-safe (i.e. save state when backgrounded) done!
- show airport delays done!
- show airport maps done!
  - will have to download these after app install - figure out how versioning will work! downloading's done, need to implement versioning (but I know how it's gonna work)
- about screen (attribution) mostly done, need to add more help
- settings screen (necessary?) yes, and done
- flight info - add when it was last updated, make sure nothing else is missing - done
- make live tile have an image with status/prediction for its background instead of text - done! and they look good!
- TODOs in code (down to 20 or so) down to ~8
- show airline contact info done
- make reloading flights on main page consistent meh, good enough
- send all flights (email/SMS) done
- make real icons for app nope
- decide what to do about trial version and do it nope, although I have an idea of what to do
- mutex in background agent for communicating? done
(new stuff)
- upload maps to Amazon S3
- prompt when update on Marketplace?
- make "Tap for more info" have accent color

I'm excited that the app is really coming together! Looking forward to starting some beta testing soon - handily, the Windows Phone Marketplace supports it nicely.

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