'Topes lose! 'Topes lose!
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Posted on 2005-10-27 09:22:00
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So even before the Astros lost yesterday, I decided to take a more Zen approach to watching them lose. I mean, last year was the first year they won a playoff series at all, so winning the pennant and just making it to the World Series is definitely a step forward. And it would have been nice if they had won at least one game (so they could have played another game at home), but that's just gravy. They had a good season, and we should be happy about that. It's tough to get over the frustration of being so close to winning every single game in the World Series, but that's the way it goes (and the fact that they didn't win any probably means the White Sox were a better team). So I've made my peace.

I took a few sick hours yesterday and went home early - I wasn't feeling horrible, but a combination of allergies and being tired was enough to make me completely incapable of concentrating. So I watched a few episodes of "Murphy Brown" (which is on Nick at Nite now! Very nostalgic for me...my mom loved that show...) and took a nap. Magic was pretty fun, then came back and played a little WoW (mostly gathering silk), although I had to play on David's laptop because I couldn't download the patch. Grr.

Tonight is the Michael Jackson singalong! I am much anticipatory.

Good day so far - stock is doing decently after good earnings yesterday, and Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court.

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Comment from winocas:

Watch Alberto Gonzales take her place in front of the Senate, and watch Bush say: "You didn't like her, you don't like him, shucks, you old fogies are just racist an biggoted."

...and then, watch Alberto Gonzales get appointed. *shudders*

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