a handful of interesting links
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Posted on 2010-07-15 12:24:00
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to celebrate my last free day until the summer musical opens!

- A plot of where beverages fall on the caffeine v calories scale. Adding the word "frappucino" to a drink seems to add around 200 calories.

- The "bee sting" theory of poverty - once you have seven bee stings, treating just one of them really doesn't seem that important.

- Apparently, just just exercising may not be good enough if you spend the rest of the day doing sedentary things. It sounds like making your sedentary activities less sedentary is helpful, too.

- Jewel does undercover karaoke - exactly what it sounds like.

- Chart of how many people live in places where gay marriage is legal - right now around 3.7% of the world population. Also, Argentina passed a gay marriage bill just yesterday!

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