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Posted on 2010-04-20 10:09:00
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A growing scandal in Philadelphia: the Lower Merion school district assigns each of its high school students a laptop that they can take home and do work on. Well, these laptops have webcams that could be activated remotely (ostensibly to find the laptops if they were lost), but the students didn't know about this until the principal reprimanded a student for "improper behavior in his home". Now it turns out 56,000 pictures were taken in the past two years. Happily, no one seems to be defending the program and the school district is getting super-sued.

Another take on why Texas weathered the recession better than the rest of the country. (previous take here)

Lots of songs use the same four chords (illustrated in song form)

Another gay marriage map, which looks suspiciously (ok, not really) similar to my own.

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Comment from djedi:

Yeah, that whole taking pictures of kids at home is soo indefensible it's not even funny. I would bet some child porn was made that way.

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